Trials biker Joe out to emulate hero MacAskill

A trials biker hopes to follow in the footsteps of Scottish stunt star Danny MacAskill, after honing his skills in urban environments around the North-east.

YouTube videos posted by film-maker Adam McGuire show Joe Urquhart, 18, performing impressive tricks in – and on – some of Aberdeen city centre’s most recognisable places.

Westhill’s Joe only took up the sport four years ago, buying his first trials bike after watching footage of MacAskill and other riders online.

Joe, who studies electrical engineering at college, said: “Before I had a BMX or mountain bike, but it was just mucking about with friends. Nothing too serious.

“Riding to school, doing little jumps and that kind of stuff.

“Not big jumps, just tiny little kicker things.”

Joe said his idea of what he could achieve on a bike all changed when told about MacAskill’s feats.

He said: “I was told about him and searched for him on YouTube.

“Then I got to know about other guys from Scotland and England. People like Duncan Shaw and Ali Clarkson (both Scots).

“I kept watching them for just over a year and that’s when I eventually wanted to get my own bike for trials biking.”

The effortless tricks Joe is now able to perform weren’t straightforward to learn. He said he put the bike away at one stage after growing frustrated at his lack of progress.

However, finding inspiration once more in videos of the discipline’s brightest talents, he refocused himself on what became a remarkable four-year development in his abilities.

He said: “I feel it came from me going out by myself with my headphones, not thinking too much about how to do things.

“I’d just naturally try it and, because I was by myself, I’d be able to realise ‘I’m doing this better without having to speak or deal with anyone else who is there’.”

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