The Journal asks: What should the Edmonton Catholic school board tackle in its next term? And other questions

Contests for mayor and council typically steal the spotlight in civic elections. But voters also have important choices to make in local school board races.

The Journal asked all Edmonton Catholic school trustee candidates three questions in advance of voters heading to the polls on Monday. All 19 candidates responded to the survey.

Candidates’ replies have been edited for length and grammar.

Q. What steps are necessary for Edmonton Catholic school trustees to work well together, and with administration? (100 words)

Ward 71
nomination day

Ward 71 Catholic School Trustee candidate Terry Harris, in Edmonton Monday Sept. 18, 2017. Photo by David Bloom

nomination day Full Full contract in place
David Bloom, Postmedia

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Terry Harris

Terry Harris, 63

Trustees must have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities on this governance board, and leave the management of the district to capable managers who are accountable to the board through the superintendent. The foundation of any effective relationship is mutual respect, demonstrated by listening — understanding the other’s perspective from their “frame of reference.” We may not agree — that’s OK, reasonable people will differ, but so long as we make a sincere effort to understand differing perspectives, we can usually find effective solutions.

Mara Suchy

Mara Suchy, 42
There are a number of steps that could be implemented. Step 1: An acknowledgment that each and every person is working to protect and benefit the students within the Catholic system. Assuming that an elected trustee has another agenda other than to serve Catholic students and parents is disrespectful. How can one be expected to serve willingly if a defensive stance is already on the table? This leads to Step 2: If we cannot respect each other how can we fully give ourselves to …read more

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