The Harvey Weinstein scandal has inspired a Ben Affleck scandal

The scandal that has destroyed the reputation of Hollywood mega mogul Harvey Weinstein appears to be widening its scope to the point that it might take down actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck, too.

Affleck, like other prominent figures in Hollywood, has publicly denounced Weinstein, declaring himself “angry and saddened” at the allegations that Weinstein has harassed and assaulted multiple women throughout his career, and saying that reading details of the accusations “made him sick.”

But in speaking out against him, Affleck — a close colleague and protégé of Weinstein’s — seems to have only inspired people to share accounts of the harassment he has allegedly committed himself. Multiple women have come forward with accounts of harassment from Affleck, both on- and off-camera, as well as stories they say prove he has been complicit in other men’s harassment of women.

As Anna North wrote here at Vox, when one woman comes forward with a story of sexual assault, she inspires a domino effect: More women feel that it is safe to come forward with their own stories, so what started out as a case built around Ashley Judd and a few other women saying on the record that Weinstein harassed them became a case with dozens of accusers.

And the domino effect can work between cases, too. Multiple sources have said that women began to speak out against Weinstein because they saw what happened to Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly and Bill Cosby when women joined together to share their stories. Now, the domino effect seems to have spread from Weinstein to Affleck.

What remains to be seen is whether it will do more than cause a temporary scandal, and whether it will ever lead to actual consequences with measurable, lasting effects. …read more

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