Park Board request to have 24-hour park rangers referred to staff for costing

A proposal to move to 24-hour park ranger staffing at some city parks needs further study, the Vancouver Park Board voted Wednesday.

The three NPA commissioners wanted to move forward with increased staffing immediately but were outvoted by the four other commissioners (two Green, one Vision Vancouver and an independent), who wanted to hear back from staff about what it would cost to have some park rangers on duty at all hours of the day as well as the associated logistics such a change would pose.

The motion for increased staffing was put forward NPA commissioner John Coupar (his party-mate George Affleck had taken a similar motion earlier this month to city council.)

Coupar took to Twitter to express his disappointment about the result of the vote.

Unfortunate @VisionVancouver @VanGreens delayed Park Safety & needle motion by referral tactic #Safetyfirst @NPAVancouver @steeletalk

— John Coupar (@JohnCCoupar) October 12, 2017

The Greens’ Stuart Mackinnon replied to one person’s query about why the motion was being referred to staff by explaining “No costing. No idea of job description. Can’t ask Council for unlimited or unknown amount of funds.”

Coupar saw Mackinnon’s public reply as simply justification of a stall tactic:

justifing a stall @HaneyInkslinger @VisionVancouver @VanGreens @NPAVancouver @steeletalk time for action on #Park #Safetyforall

— John Coupar (@JohnCCoupar) October 12, 2017

Mackinnon added the proposal could still come back to the board before budget decisions were final, but another NPA commissioner, Sarah Kirby-Yung, pushed back.

Disingenuous. Motion to refer did not specify date to come back or include in current budget process for 2018. No urgency.

— Sarah Kirby-Yung (@sarahkirby_yung) October 12, 2017

George Affleck, the NPA councillor who presented his motion to council, said particular parks downtown were of concern …read more

Source:: Vancouver Sun

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