Man drives 100 miles after collision with moose

The severely damaged car driven 170km after collision with a moose


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The severely damaged car driven 170km after collision with a moose

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Friday, October 13, 2017 – 5:53am

A Canadian man has been reprimanded by officials, after driving more than 100 miles (170km) in a car that had been badly damaged by a collision with a moose. Officials say the driver removed the moose with the assistance of other motorists, before continuing his journey. He was forced by police to call a tow truck after he was pulled over.

Woman trades Szechuan sauce for Volkswagen

A Michigan woman has made the trade of a lifetime, swapping a single packet of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce for a 2004 Volkswagen GTI. The sauce, popularised by US television show “Rick and Morty”, was released in severely limited quality, for one day only. Packets of the sauce are selling for up to $150 on Ebay.

‘Don’t call 911 because Facebook is down’, police say

Police in Bothell, Washington, have sent a message to local residents, after several people in the area called the 911 emergency number to report that Facebook was down. “We will move mountains to help those in our community,” Bothell Police tweeted Wednesday morning. “However we can’t fix Facebook so please don’t call 911.”

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