Friday’s letters: Give bike lanes a chance

With so much negative talk on bike lanes lately between council candidates and the public, it seems timely to step back and look at bike lanes the other way.

A lot of the anti-bike lane sentiment centres around the excuse that Edmonton is simply a winter city and therefore not suited to bicycles. I would urge anyone who is of this belief to keep an eye out this winter.

It doesn’t take much effort to find bicycle-tire tracks in the snow throughout the city centre and river valley. This alone renders the winter-city argument against bicycle infrastructure invalid. Cyclists just have a safer option now, and that fact alone will only grow their numbers, thereby silencing the other argument that there are too few of them to justify the lanes in the first place.

Vancouver, often used as an example of an ideal cycling environment, went through its own struggles in developing what is now a very effective and widely respected bicycle network. Just give it a chance. Who knows? You may find yourself out riding the lanes sooner than you think — just as I did years ago.

With the right infrastructure, getting your exercise and your commute done at the same time is surprisingly rewarding.

Greg Mann, Edmonton

Online cannabis sales the way to go

The manner in which weed will be sold seems to have government officials stumped.

Ontario’s recent decision to sell weed through government outlets is going to be a disaster and I strongly urge Albertan officials to reject this model.

The status quo for legal marijuana distribution is through the mail and attempting to change this makes little sense. Marijuana is the perfect product to distribute by online mail order.

Unlike booze, marijuana is lightweight and compact. A single shipment can last many recreational users months. Trying to sell marijuana …read more

Source:: Edmonton Journal

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