Ed Gillespie’s demagogic nonsense on immigrant crime has spread to New Jersey

Kim Guadagno picks up the crazy ads torch

A style of political argument pioneered by Ed Gillespie’s gubernatorial campaign in Virginia has now spread to New Jersey, where Lieutenant Government Kim Guadagno has debuted an ad attempting to link her opponent to a murderer named Jose Carranza who came to the United States illegally from Peru before murdering three people in Newark.

Like Gillespie’s ads, Guadagno’s campaign is offering a kind of flimsy guilt-by-association argument. She dwells first on the grisly details of the immigrant’s criminality, and then invokes her opponents’ name a bunch of times. The policy linkage, such as there is, is the idea that “Phil Murphy’s sanctuary state plan is too dangerous for New Jersey.”

The ad does not in any way attempt to argue that any kind of sanctuary city policy is responsible for Carranza’s crimes, any more than Gillespie’s ads in Virginia offer any policy argument about sanctuary cities and MS-13. It’s just a trick of juxtaposition in the service of demagoguery. But it’s also an argument that’s been deployed at the highest level of the American government, even though the underlying assertion that sanctuary policies lead to higher crime is completely false.

Jeff Sessions’ favorite study debunks his conclusion

One thing that is unquestionably true is that undocumented immigrants are people, some people are criminals, and with about 11 million undocumented people living in the United States more than zero of them are criminals. If you could wave a magic wand and teleport every undocumented immigrant current residing in the United States to somewhere else, the raw quantity of murders committed in the United States would decline.

By the same token, if you made the 11 million people who live in Ohio all disappear the number of murders committed in the United States …read more

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