Aline Brosh McKenna of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and The Devil Wears Prada on twisting rom-com tropes

“We’re all kind of acting out these love scripts that have been written by other people.”

Aline Brosh McKenna knows romantic comedies inside and out — which is why she takes so much delight in perverting them completely for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Before McKenna teamed up with Rachel Bloom to co-create the CW’s twisted musical delight of a show, she wrote romantic comedies. She sent plucky heroines into the hellmouth of dating with a determined smile and slyly sharp wit. And even though her scripts occasionally got to draw blood — especially The Devil Wears Prada, her biggest hit to date — it wasn’t until Crazy Ex-Girlfriend that she got to unleash the full range of passion and anger that can make for truly memorable heroines.

Because Rebecca Bunch (Bloom), a whirling dervish of feverish passion and debilitating anxiety, is no heroine — not in the traditional sense, anyway. She spent the series’ first season plotting to win the heart of friendly bro Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III), whom she decides could make her happy, insisting all along in her chirpy theme song that she “has no underlying issues to address.”

In the second season, she parlayed their hookup into not just a real relationship, but an engagement that ended in Josh leaving her at the altar in the finale. Crushed, heartbroken, and more than a little lost, Rebecca vowed revenge — and that’s where we pick up with her in season three, which has her going after a decidedly more Fatal Attraction vibe than the carefree romance she was so desperate to recreate.

So, no, Rebecca isn’t anything like the heroines McKenna used to write, whose problems had to be minimal enough that they could be solved in 120 minutes or less. In fact, McKenna told me, “There’s a joke in …read more

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