4 Reasons to get your eye health checked by a specialist

We ALL know regular eye tests are important – but changes in your eyesight might not be the only reason for visiting an eye specialist.

Here, optometrist and leading dry eye specialist Sarah Farrant, of Earlam & Christopher in Taunton, talks us through some of the most common eye health symptoms …

1 Eye pain

It’s not unusual for eyes to ache if you have a bad cold or sinus infection, or haven’t been sleeping well – but pain limited to the eyes can occur too and it’s best to get it checked.

“If the pain is mild, but presents regularly as irritation or discomfort, the most likely cause is dry eye disease/syndrome, or blepharitis which causes inflammation of the eyelids,” says Sarah.

“If you’re having day-to-day symptoms of redness, a gritty feeling in the eye and soreness, an optometrist is the best port of call. We can diagnose what’s causing this everyday discomfort and put together a plan to treat and manage the symptoms.”

In rare cases, eye pain may indicate a more serious underlying cause.

“If your eye pain comes on with a vision problem, it could be more serious. A condition called optic neuritis can cause pain when you look around and usually lasts for a couple of days at a time. This can be associated with MS and usually presents with vision disturbances.

“It usually affects one eye at a time, though this isn’t always the case, so it’s important to get this checked by a GP.”

Sarah notes that while talking to your GP is important, they’re “not eye specialists and their ability to diagnose eye problems is also limited by the equipment they have available”.

So it’s a good idea to head to the optician first.

And any sudden, severe eye pain and vision changes? Head to hospital.

“If the eye pain presents rapidly or feels …read more

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