10 fire victims identified in Sonoma County

SANTA ROSA — Authorities on Thursday night released the names of 10 people killed as a result of fires in Sonoma County. Seven others, however, have yet to be officially identified.

Sheriff Rob Giordano read off the following list of names during a briefing at the county fairgrounds:

Carol Collins-Swasey, 76, of Santa Rosa
Lynne Anderson Powell, 72, of Santa Rosa
Arthur Tasman Grant, 95, of Santa Rosa
Suiko Grant, 75, of Santa Rosa
Donna Mae Halbur, 80, of Larkfield
Leroy Peter Halbur, 80, of Larkfield
Valerie Lynn Evans, 75, of Santa Rosa
Carmen Caldentey Berriz, 75, of Apple Valley
Michael John Dornbach, 57, of Calistoga
Veronica Elizabeth McCombs, 67, of Santa Rosa

Giordano said targeted searches led to the discovery of their bodies. Most were inside homes but one was next to a car. Some were reduced to ash and bone, making identification difficult.

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Authorities identified two through medical devices, two through dental records and one through distinctive tattoos. Others were identified with fingerprints, visually or through investigation.

“We’ve been forced to work that direction because we may not have enough information to identify people because of the fire and the severity of the burns,” Giordano said.

Two of the seven victims who have yet to be officially named …read more

Source:: The Mercury News

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