Student testifies about rescue of UBC assault victim

A University of B.C. student who came to the rescue of another student being assaulted in her dorm took the witness stand Thursday at the trial of the man accused of the crime.

Adam Casey said that he was returning to his student residence after attending classes when several “pretty intense” women ran in to the residence’s common building and reported that someone was choking a person in the nearby Salish house residence.

The 19-year-old mechanical engineering student said he asked if they had called 911 and when they replied that they had, he ran toward the Salish residence and up the stairs to the room where the assault was occurring.

The door to the room was slightly ajar and when he pushed the door open, he saw a man and a woman with the man’s hand around her neck, strangling her, Casey told B.C. Supreme Court Justice Margot Fleming.

“I threw my backpack on the bed and I went to try to pry his hands off her neck,” Casey said. “I wasn’t able to do so. He was holding on too tight.”

Casey, who has some martial-arts training, said he went behind the man and performed a chokehold on him.

“I put my arm around his neck and my legs around his body for leverage. I was hoping he’d release the woman’s neck. He did not do that.”

He said he was able to put one arm under the assailant’s armpit and pull back his arm and held him there until several people came into the room and began trying to pull the victim away.

“It was quite a struggle,” he said.

Eventually, several others were able to drag the victim away and into the hallway, where she was treated for knife wounds to her neck.

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Source:: Vancouver Sun

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