Demi Lovato Knows Her Fans Are Listening

Demi Lovato needs no introduction; she’s the woman with the voice so big it could fill the Grand Canyon and still have runs left over. Lovato caught our attention (and challenged our karaoke skills) with her latest single, “Sorry Not Sorry.” It joins a long line of Lovato bangers, including “Cool for the Summer,” “Heart Attack,” and “Give Your Heart a Break,” that make a person want to roll down the windows of their car while they’re going 75 miles an hour and belt them out at the top of their lungs. Lovato really knows how to pick songs that we can’t stop listening to. It seems her fans can’t stop listening either — and Lovato knows it.

After the release of her latest album, Tell Me You Love Me, we talked to Lovato about her idols, her first concert, and how she knew “Sorry Not Sorry” was going to be a total earworm from the first time she heard it. Oh, and she admitted those high notes in some of her songs can get tricky — even if you’re Demi Lovato.

Refinery29: What did you think the first time you listened to “Sorry Not Sorry”? What was the starting point for the song and how did you evolve it during the writing process?

Demi Lovato: “The first time I listened back to ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ I was really excited because I knew it would be big. It’s just such a fun anthem and I have so much fun performing it. The process was actually really easy. It started with the music produced by Oak Felder and then the lyrics pretty much just flowed.”

What inspired having a house party tour to announce Tell Me You Love Me?

“The house party tour was actually for the launch of the first single ‘Sorry Not Sorry.’ I …read more

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