8 Spa-Worthy Ways To Upgrade Your Bathroom

If you’ve ever put in hard time living with a less-than-aspirational bathroom as a renter or owner (NYC fam, don’t be shy), you know the distinct mixture of jealousy and bliss you feel when walking into a washroom that can only be described as #goals. Warm, heated tiles greet your toes, soft LED lights make you look like an Instagram model (so this is selfie lighting?), and spa-worthy wooden touches convince you you could park yourself right there and start paying rent. Not a dinged-up mirror or leaky shower head in sight.

Familiar with this type of interior envy? It’s high time to leave the ghost of bathrooms past behind and upgrade to the tricked-out, totally Zen bathrooms of the future. From a motion-sensor light-up mirror to an electric towel-warming rack (yep, those exist) to one of Moen ‘s innovative, magnetic shower heads, these easy buys can turn a functioning-at-best bathroom into the coolest spot in your pad. Just don’t be too surprised if you spend a little more time getting ready each morning.

Who doesn’t love shower karaoke? Install these waterproof speakers to start your day on the right note — whether you’re feeling chill tunes or power anthems.

Mr. Steam, $187.5, available at Amazon

Your a.m. rinse is sacred you time — ever heard of shower thoughts? — so it shouldn’t feel like a chore. Take the hassle out of your routine by upgrading to one of Moen’s Magnetix handheld showers, and savor every misty moment.

Moen, $100, available at Moen

There’s no bliss quite as tangible as stepping onto heated tiles on a chilly winter morning. Luckily, installing your own makes for a relatively easy and cost-efficient DIY project, too.

Watts, $204, available at Amazon

Forget tile; nothing conjures spa vibes quite as well as dreamy, wood-paneled walls. (Celebs …read more

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