Vietnam veteran wins $760,000 in excessive force case against Kremmling police

A disabled Vietnam veteran has won a $760,000 jury award after Kremmling police brutalized him during an unjustified raid on his mobile home in 2013.

Robert Mark Smith was repeatedly harassed and victimized by the police, who were punishing him for his protests against their prior wrongdoings, according to a news release by the Denver law firm Killmer, Lane & Newman.

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The jury made its decision Wednesday in Denver U.S. District Court.

Smith, a Marine, was permanently disabled in 1969 by shrapnel from a minefield explosion
in Vietnam. He is a “heroically decorated Vietnam veteran,” the news release says.

“Mr. Smith became known in the Kremmling law enforcement community as a
‘dissenter’ by around the year 2000 because of his frequent, vociferous opposition to the
selective enforcement of laws applicable to mobile home parks, and his opposition to the
trumped-up accusations lodged against him and his business by law enforcement and certain
community members,” the complaint said.

On March 5, 2013, Kremmling police retaliated against Smith for his prior exercises
of protected speech, unconstitutionally raided his home at night without a warrant, and brutally beat him, his 2015 complaint said.

Police Tased Smith and when he fell onto his stomach, they kicked, stomped and punched his ribs, head, and back, the lawsuit says.

Federal Judge Richard Matsch could also order the city to pay attorney’s costs of about …read more

Source:: The Denver Post

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