The best waterproof speakers available today

Everybody loves Bluetooth speakers for the portability and ease of use (not to mention their wide-ranging utility). We’ve already listed the best Bluetooth speakers you can buy today, but what about speakers that will survive a splash or a swim?

Now, clearly most people aren’t going to strap a bluetooth speaker on themselves while they’re swimming, but it’s still comforting to know it can endure a spilled drink or an accidental drop into a sink or a pool.

Obviously, waterproof speakers of the past didn’t sound quite as good as non-waterproofed variations, but they’ve slowly been improving over the last few years. Today, they not only sound great, but they have much longer battery life and some are even small enough to fit into your gym bag.

There are many waterproof speakers on the market today, so which one should you pick? Don’t worry, we’ll go over the best waterproof speakers for you, so that you’ll be able to confidently pick the best waterproof speaker for your needs. Let’s dive in.

Here’s a quick glance at our top 10 best waterproof Bluetooth speakers list:

1. JBL Charge 3
2. UE Wonderboom
3. UE Boom 2
4. Fugoo Style
5. JBL Pulse 3
6. UE Megaboom
7. Bose SoundLink Color II
8. UE Roll 2
9. Fugoo Go
10. Philips BT6000

Below you’ll find our choices in full detail. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Shoot us an email.

The JBL Charge 3 puts forward a compellingly affordable offer. The battery can last more than 20 hours, can charge your mobile device if needed, features the deepest bass of any speaker in this list and is even available at a very agreeable price. However, it’s not exactly the most lightweight speaker, as it is a bit hefty, but bass addicts, who don’t mind carrying around a …read more

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