The Bank of England’s cash chief tells us why the new £10 is the most secure note ever

Victoria Cleland, Bank of England Chief Cashier

New £10 note comes into circulation on Thursday.
The note is the most advanced ever seen in the UK with myriad new features.
Counterfeiting the note should be virtually impossible thanks to nine security measures.
Notes are made from an advanced polymer at a Bank of England facility in Essex.
Business Insider spoke to Chief Cashier Victoria Cleland ahead of the note’s launch.

LONDON — You may not have heard of Victoria Cleland before, but you’ve almost certainly seen her name hundreds of times.

In her role as the Chief Cashier at the Bank of England, Cleland’s name appears on every single newly printed note issued by Britain’s central bank, including on the nearly one billion fresh £10 notes that came into circulation in the UK on Thursday.

Britain’s newly released £10 note is the most secure and advanced in the history of UK, and earlier this week Cleland — who takes overall responsibility for notes at the bank — sat down with Business Insider to discuss the technological advances in the new notes.

Those advances have allowed the bank to create a note that is not only more secure, but that also has features that assist the visually impaired, and is smaller and more efficient than ever before.

“The tactile feature for the blind and partially sighted is a really important development,” Cleland said, discussing the very visible series of bumps on the note, which allow those with visual impairments to distinguish the notes from others.

The bumps are similar in style to Braille, but do not have any meaning in the language.

When it comes to security, the Bank of England has invested heavily in a series of new features, both visible and invisible that make it much more difficult to counterfeit the notes, which are printed on an advanced polymer made by the firm CCL Secure.

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Source:: Business Insider

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