“Shut up, slave!”: A spilled Starbucks drink in Chicago leads to sidewalk fight, hate-crime charges

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Felony hate crime charges have been filed against a man who was caught on video unleashing a racist tirade and turning violent outside a Chicago Starbucks three months ago, officials said.

William Boucher, 24, was originally charged with misdemeanor battery June 6 after he “became irate” when someone spilled a drink on him inside the coffee shop, police said. Boucher’s rant ended in his spitting and throwing a punch at apparent strangers outside the Starbucks, sending one man to the hospital, police said.

In August, a judge issued a no-bond arrest warrant for four new felony hate crime charges and four upgraded felony aggravated battery charges against Boucher, according to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office. Boucher was booked into the Cook County jail Saturday, with bond set at $50,000, jail records showed.

If convicted, Boucher will face probation or two to five years of prison for each of the aggravated battery charges, and one to three years of prison for each of the hate crime charges, the state’s attorney’s office said.

The June incident started inside a Starbucks in downtown Chicago, and was recorded on a cellphone camera by a local television photographer who was there at the time. In the video, a man later identified as Boucher can be heard shouting, “You’re disgusting!” and other insults in the presence of other customers and employees.

The video starts after Boucher has already begun shouting; he reportedly was enraged because someone accidentally spilled coffee on him.

The incident escalated after Boucher left the Starbucks and spit on a 30-year-old man and a 34-year-old woman outside, police said.

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In additional video footage, Boucher, who is white, can be seen hurling racist insults at two black bystanders in …read more

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