Navarrette: Sanctuary cities put California in showdown with Trump

SAN DIEGO — California is facing off with the Trump administration over a total fantasy that has survived this long only because both political parties have an interest in keeping it alive.

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Democrats and Republicans alike insist that the Golden State offers “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants by creating safe spaces that are somehow beyond the reach of federal immigration agents. Politicians also promote the idea that police and sheriff’s departments often refuse those agents access to local jails and fail to alert immigration officials when a suspected illegal immigrant is released from custody back into society — even when asked to do so.

This is a stew of lies and half-truths. Symbolism and political hyperventilating aside, there is no city, town or county in America where federal immigration law doesn’t apply and where agents can’t rush in to enforce those statutes.

Also, aside from the state of Texas — which recently passed a law to force inter-jurisdictional cooperation — local and state law enforcement officials are under no obligation to help their federal brethren do their jobs, especially if it destroys the community trust that is needed to do their own.

Besides, if immigration officials really want someone who …read more

Source:: The Mercury News

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