Ian Poulter Argued with Rules Officials at the PGA Championship, and He was Right in Doing So

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Ian Poulter ran into a rules issue during the final round of the PGA Championship. Poulter’s drive on the par-4 eighth hole went right and appeared to cross the hazard line down the right side of the fairway. Once Poulter and playing partner Jordan Spieth arrived on the scene, no one could find the ball within the allotted five-minute time window and the rules officials proclaimed that Poulter needed to go back to the tee and hit a second drive.

Pleading his case, Poulter and Spieth, eventually convinced the official that his ball crossed the hazard line and he should be entitled to a drop. As that was happening, Poulter’s ball was found slightly farther up the course and was inside the hazard line. Unfortunately for Poulter it was found too late.

Poulter avoided a difficult situation in having to re-tee and walked away with a bogey after taking his drop.

It wouldn’t be a major championship without some sort of rules issue and in this instance, once again, the players were correct in arguing their points. While Poulter’s ball was found inside the hazard outside of the allotted five-minute window, it crossed the hazard line and he should have been entitled to a drop where it crossed from the beginning instead of being told to go back and re-tee.

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Source:: The Big Lead

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