Watch this drone beat a Formula E racecar — and then crash spectacularly

Race fans are preconditioned to enjoy watching things explode into tiny bits. It’s built into their DNA. And while this weekend’s all-electric Formula E race in New York City was unfortunately lacking in high-speed smashups, fans in attendance got to see a much rarer and more spectacular accident: a drone totally biting it on the racetrack.

Drone operators have been drag racing cars for a while now as a way to highlight the acceleration, speed, and agility of these aerial gadgets. So on the surface, a matchup between a Formula E car and the Titan Grand Prix Racing Organization’s GFD1 drone seemed like the perfect way to cap off this weekend’s high-speed extravaganza. The drone-car drag race was billed as a “best out of three”…

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Source:: The Verge – All Posts

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