Roadshow: Carpool stickers must be on your car

Q I like plug-in hybrids and all-electric cars. But I hate bumper stickers anywhere on my car.
So I called the CHP and asked: “If I have carpool stickers from the DMV in my car, but have not put them on (‘cause I hate ‘em), will I still get ticketed if I show them to an officer in the event I get pulled over?” The answer was a resounding YES! The stickers must be on the car!

— Brock Carpenter, Cupertino

A Yep, those are the rules.

Q In this era, registration stickers and carpool stickers should be obsolete. License plate reading cameras and software can easily and almost immediately tell any officer if my car registration is current or my car qualifies for driving in an HOV lane.

— Brock Carpenter

A Really? This would give the CHP fits. But there’s more on this topic.

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Q I think many carpool lane cheaters are owners of electric/plug in vehicles that don’t have the white/green stickers that grants them access, but I’ve noticed that police won’t pull them over. I guess they figure if it’s a Tesla, Volt, etc., its OK to be there.

— Rodney

A Not true, but has anyone else noticed this? I know that some Tesla owners hate putting stickers on their cars.

Q Over the last few weeks, you’ve expended several columns on carpool lane cheaters. If you’ve got the patience, I’ll add my two cents. The reported estimate of a 30 percent cheating rate is a gross understatement for I-880 through Fremont. Based on three weeks counting carpool lane cars, here are my observations: On average, I saw 37 illegitimate users of the carpool lane each day (59 percent cheating!). On the best …read more

Source:: The Mercury News

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