Poundland’s Toblerone war: What are the best own-brand products?



Toblerone’s recognisable pyramid-shaped chocolate bar

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Even better than the real thing? Here are six own-brand products to put in your trolley


Monday, July 17, 2017 – 1:27pm

The launch of Poundland’s Twin Peaks chocolate bar has been delayed because of its striking similarity to Toblerone.

While it has two hill-like spikes per serving, rather than the Swiss bar’s single hummock, Twin Peaks is similar enough to Toblerone both in shape and packaging to have prompted a legal letter, The Guardian reports.

Twin Peaks, which was to be launched this month but is now on hold, is just the latest in a series of copycat products made by Poundland. Their Miracles are strikingly similar to Galaxy’s Minstrels, while Nutters bear a resemblance to M&Ms.

Poundland and Toblerone are holding talks to resolve the issue – but, while we wait for Twin Peaks to be released, here are six products you might want to substitute for supermarket own brands in your trolley:

Cheesy Wotsists

These flavoured corn puffs were originally made by Golden Wonder but are now produced by Walkers. According to the Daily Mail, Marks & Spencer’s Cheese Tasters are “better than the real thing” …read more

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