Our Most Controversial Game Of Thrones Crushes

We all have that crush. You know the one — the embarrassing attraction that you hide from your friends and keep from your family. The one you know is bad for you, and that you feel kind of queasy about, but also nurture in your heart of hearts. The controversial TV crush.

Game of Thrones is full of these. No one wants to be that person who likes Ramsay Bolton. He is a disgusting psycho rapist with a penchant for feeding newborns to his hounds. But he also has those blue eyes that gleam like sapphires when someone is in pain. That’s cute, right? Or, maybe Theon is more your jam. Sure, he sold out Robb Stark and pretended to burn Rickon and Bran alive, but he did save Sansa! And now that he’s Yara’s number-one supporter, he’s totally #WithHer. And yes, that Dorne plotline is going nowhere fast, but aren’t you just rooting for the Sand Snakes to rule the Seven Kingdoms at the end of all this?

This, my friends, is a safe place to express these less-than-mainstream infatuations. We won’t judge you, because we share them. Scroll through for the Game of Thrones baddies we just can’t get enough of. Valar Morghulis, or as those of us outside of Westeros say it, YOLO.

The Night King

Who doesn’t see this greyish-white mass of half-torn flesh and sinew and think “Dayummm”? It’s the ice blue eyes. They get us every time.

Ramsey Bolton

Ramsay Bolton is trash, but Iwan Rheon is a sweetie who has been forever typecast as a villain. His first post- Game of Thrones role was HITLER, for god’s sake.

The Sand Snakes

This one is barely controversial. Points lost for stabbing Doran Martell and his son Tristane, but mostly we hold them responsible for dragging the plot back to Dorne, even …read more

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