Game of Thrones: “Dragonstone” Recap

Game of Thrones returned last night with the uneven “Dragonstone.” It was one of those “pieces moving” episodes where pieces move, just as we saw them start to move at the end of last season, and now we see that they have all moved a little and some are still moving. Also, Ed Sheeran was there for some reason.

Walder Frey – As soon as I saw him, I knew what was happening. I don’t know if that’s good storytelling. Still, it’s always relaxing to see Arya kill people. Plus she has badass catch phrases now.

White Walkers – I really hope they don’t spend an entire episode following the White Walkers walking through the white snow. Because when you’ve got 12 episodes left you need to set up these zombies who have been (presumably) walking south for the last 6 years. How about a storyline where the Knight King tries to marry the ugliest woman on the Iron Islands in exchange for a thousand ships? What, you don’t think the Iron Island has another thousand ships and another Greyjoy? Ships and Greyjoys and marriage proposals for everyone! The Night King getting to Eastwatch by the Sea to get his ships and then he has to turn around because he forgot a gift of unfathomable worth. Actually, that probably happened a few episodes after Hardhome and that’s why it’s taking so long.

Edd: “Who are you?”
Bran: “Branden Stark.”
Edd: “Prove it.”
Bran: “Here are two places you have been.”
Edd: “By gods it is you!”
Brothers of the Night’s Watch: “Shouldn’t we ask for ID or maybe have him answer a personal question or something?”
Edd: “Lets get him inside.”

Jon Snow and Sansa – The King in the North is open to criticism, but not in front of all the other lords and ladies. This is going …read more

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