Can you really trust that stranger you just gave access to your computer?

Question (Edited): I had a rather unsettling experience with a support company called iYogi this week. I have been a customer with them for 5-years. …(A support tech) ran the scan and I immediately noticed a message, “Infected by Real Time Spy Tool.” He brought up a page that had passwords & the Task Manager page showing a bunch of programs that were stopped. The McAfee virus program had just run a scan before this tech connected to my PC. At this point he wanted me to connect to my bank & make sure my account was OK. THAT’S WHEN I PULLED THE BATTERY ON MY PC & UNPLUGGED IT.

…So this time I made a call to see if the tech worked for IYOGI. At that number I was told that IYOGI was being sued, may be headed to bankruptcy. This number was a company called Techclub. After talking with them I agreed to let them connect to my PC. They assured me they could fix the issues & clean up the PC. They started at $400 & I got them down to $199.99 for one year. They went thru a process very similar to what was normal with IYOGI. They directed me to a web page, … I got an E-mail contract, receipt for the payment, etc. I feel better but still feel nervous that the whole thing is a scam. ~ Larry Litle, Grand Junction

Tech+ I quickly Googled IYOGI and did not find anything that would make me trust the company. It has a low score on Consumer Affairs, years of questionable sales tactics and just lots of unpleasant stuff.

iYogi was a legitimate tech-support company based in India at one point. But its aggressive sales tactics …read more

Source:: The Denver Post

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