Mario Kart in real life is the best use of AR so far

Anyone still wondering what the hype around augmented reality (AR) is all about need look no further than Hado Kart. This Mario Kart for AR is available at a Japanese arcade called 3rd Planet, a VR-focused playground. We’ve seen AR based on Super Mario Bros. before, and it was awesome. This time we get a glimpse into multiplayer AR gaming, and there’s a lot to get revved-up over: Players drive real go-karts around a track while trying to grab virtual coins. An AR headset allows the players to see the video-game aspects of the experience in a realistic over-lay, while…

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Report: Carmelo Anthony and OKC ‘Circling Each Other’

Could Carmelo Antnony end up in OKC after all?

According to the latest rumor, Melo and the Thunder are “officially circling each other.”

Have a scoop – OKC and Carmelo are officially circling each other. OKC’s Troy Weaver recruited Melo to Cuse + has known him since DMV days.

— Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons) July 24, 2017

The Houston Rockets remain the favorites to land Anthony once he’s dealt from New York.

Per The Oklahoman:

A trade for Anthony would be the latest coup and gamble by Thunder general manager Sam Presti in an effort to improve the Thunder’s chances in the Western Conference.

Anthony has one more guaranteed year left on his contract worth $26.2 million, not including an early termination option for 2018-19 ($27.9 million). So, Anthony is in a similar situation to Westbrook and the newly-acquired Paul George. If Westbrook decides to bypass signing a supermax extension before the start of the season, he, George and Anthony will all be free agents in the summer of 2018.

With the June 30 trade for George, the Thunder has shown this offseason its doesn’t fear the luxury tax, with its 2017-18 payroll approaching $128 million. But trading for Anthony would require sending out significant salary, likely Enes Kanter’s $17.8 million as well as other players, and may neccesitate incorporating a third team a la the deal to acquire Kanter in 2014 from Utah.

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How street demonstrators scored a victory against Poland’s government

Protesters shout slogans during a protest on Sunday in front of the presidential palace in Warsaw.

Janek Skarzynski, AFP/Getty ImagesProtesters shout slogans during a protest on Sunday in front of the presidential palace in Warsaw.

If an illiberal government — democratically elected, but determined to change the rules — tries to do something unconstitutional, what can the public do? What can the political opposition do? This is a dilemma we now know from several countries — Russia, Venezuela, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, and possibly soon Greece. The prospects are pretty gloomy, as I’ve argued before, for those who want to stay within the bounds of the law.

One partial answer is peaceful street demonstrations, though that is a frustrating path. Most people don’t have time to stand in a crowd every day or every evening; the chants and speeches can be repetitive; and, more to the point, the government has no obligation to listen. The effort can seem pointless, and it often is — unless it can move the hearts and minds of the leaders of the ruling party. In Poland, over the past week, that’s exactly what just happened.

To briefly recap a complicated story: Poland’s nationalist government had already chalked up a series of constitutional violations and undemocratic decisions, including the politicization of public media, the army, the prosecutor’s office, the civil service and the constitutional tribunal. A few days ago, it passed three laws that would have allowed the current government to dissolve the Supreme Court, fire several dozen judges and replace them with those it preferred.

Mass demonstrations all over the country followed, every night for the past week, in all of the major cities and many small ones, too. Tens of thousands — probably hundreds of thousands — of people sang Pink Floyd, the national anthem and anti-communist protest songs from the 1980s. They stood in front of courthouses with candles. They chanted “Here is Poland,” …read more

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