Tarek El Moussa Reflects on “Absolute Lowest Points of My Life”

Tarek El Moussa Throwback

Tarek El Moussa is doing very well these days.

Despite his split last year from wife Christina, the Flip or Flop co-host has made it clear that he’s very happy being single these days, while also enjoying fatherhood.

But things were not always this positive for the HGTV personality.

It wasn’t that long ago, in fact, that Tarek was battling two forms of cancer and had fallen into at least some kind of depression.

He doesn’t talk about this period of his life often, but he did share the photo above on Instagram this week, reflecting via caption on how far he has come.

“NOT embarrassed to share!!! This was one of the absolute lowest points of my life!! After beating cancer twice I had a horrific back injury,” explained Tarek, expounding as follows:

“Over the course of 10 months I lost 50 pounds from all the pain meds which prevented me from wanting to eat and I was nauseous all the time. I remember those days…in this photo I’m pale white….eyes are black…. and I was 169 pounds!!”

Shortly after her split from Tarek, Christina admitted that this was a very challenging time for the couple in general.

They were trying to have a baby and both were dealing with so many personal issues that communication problems arose.

“My clothing didn’t fit and it looks like I’m wearing drapes! This photo is a reminder than anything is possible with hope,” wrote Tarek as part of his caption, concluding:

“While I went through this it was the first time in my life I wanted to quit! Thank god I didn’t…or I wouldn’t be standing tall today!!

“Reminder everyone, anything is possible! You just have to believe!”

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How Gossip Girl became TV’s coldest teen soap

Ten years ago this week, one of the coldest and most nihilistic teen soap operas ever made premiered on The CW.

But you wouldn’t have known that’s what Gossip Girl was going to be from the first episode, or even from the first 13 episodes. It was a series about a group of wealthy private school teenagers living on the Upper East Side, designed to be slick, trashy fun in the vein of its predecessor The OC. It was not meant to be a chilly ode to power and how it makes wealth and sex and love synonymous. But over the course of its six seasons, that’s exactly what it became.

Gossip Girl may have begun as a show full of beautiful, wealthy 20-somethings with perfect hair pretending to be high schoolers in designer uniforms, getting into sexy shenanigans and then crying and group-hugging as they remembered the power of friendship. But by its final seasons, it was about how extreme wealth makes all relationships transactional, and how all romantic relationships are based in exploitation. And the show didn’t so much condemn this nihilism as luxuriate in it: Subliminally, at least, it was as much a part of the Gossip Girl ethos as the lingering close-ups on Blake Lively’s shiny hair and Leighton Meester’s giant tear-filled eyes.

Gossip Girl’s slow transition into nihilism is in large part a result of its decision to embrace its breakout character, Chuck Bass, originally designed as a one-note villain. Chuck gradually became the show’s central character, and his chilly cynicism became its animating perspective. Watching his takeover is a case study in the dangers of letting a single character consume a narrative — and in the deep, subliminal attractions that white male wealth and power can exert over a narrative.

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Ikea Place is an AR app that lets you put furniture on the street

With yesterday’s release of iOS 11, developers and users alike are still in the early stages of figuring out whether Apple’s ARKit can actually be useful. Here to add to the discourse, Ikea has released its own AR app to help customers visualize what their furniture might look like in their own living rooms. Or street. Or elevators. The point is, you no longer have to argue with your significant other inside the Swedish furniture conglomerate. Now you can destroy your relationship anywhere!

All joking aside, the app is super fun to play around with. It’s designed so you can easily swipe through its most popular collections, or filter by types of products like “Baby & Children,” or “chairs and desks.” There’s no search function yet,…

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