Province says 2017 is B.C.’s worst wildfire season on record

The 2017 wildfire season is officially the worst on record in British Columbia.

The B.C. Wildfire Service said Wednesday that a total of 1,026 wildfires have razed nearly 8,950 square kilometres, surpassing the old record of 8,560 square kilometers set in 1958.

The majority of the activity has occurred in the province’s Cariboo region where fires have destroyed more than 6,700 square kilometres.

B.C. Wildfire Service spokesman Kevin Skrepnek says there are still 142 fires currently burning in the province.

“Most of those are the major fires that started on July 7, we have done a good job at getting on new fires quickly and keeping them small,” he said.

Battling fires has cost the province $309 million so far this season, five times the $63 million it had budgeted for.

Emergency Management B.C. says nearly 9,300 people remain out of their homes in central and southeastern B.C., as 40 evacuation orders are still in place.

More than 45,000 people were evacuated from the homes at one point this summer.

Evacuation orders were downgraded to alerts Tuesday for the community of Clinton and from Alexis Creek to Riske Creek but Sell says there are still some evacuees needing food and assistance as they shelter in Kamloops.

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The PNE has a new shimmer, and cricket fries

The Pacific National Exhibition will go to the ends of the earth to discover new trends to unveil to the masses.

Sometimes it’s a ride like The Beast, an “extreme pendulum” that rips 12 storeys into the sky at 90 km/h, twirls, then sends riders hurtling 120 degrees in another direction.

Other times it’s a gnarly new food, like a burger filled with macaroni and cheese, or a giant pickle stuffed with a hotdog, covered in cornmeal and deep-fried.

This year’s hot item is … the Shimmer Pillow! Yes, the Shimmer Pillow, a small throw cushion.

But what a throw cushion. The Shimmer Pillow comes in glittering sequin that is made from a special “reversible fabric” that allows you to change how it looks with the swipe of a finger. On paper, this sounds kind of so what. But when a Dallas TV reporter did a story on a similar type of pillow last year, a YouTube clip of the pillow went viral.

The original “mermaid pillow” the TV guy did a story on cost US$150. But thanks to the wonder of knock-offs, the Shimmer Pillow at the PNE will cost $30 — and you get a second one for free!

The Shimmer Pillow is one of the hot new items at Marketplace at the 2017 PNE. For a John Mackie story. [PNG Merlin Archive]

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The Shimmer Pillow.

The Shimmer Pillow is among 147 booths that will be setting up shop at Marketplace in the Forum building, the home of the slicers and dicers and miracle cleaning solutions.

Thirty-three of the exhibitors will be new, including the Bling Warehouse, Magic Magnets and the Shark Space Saver and Garage Door Organizer. There will be an LED Shoes …read more

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Prince George police lay charges in alleged abduction attempts

PRINCE GEORGE — A 35-year-old Prince George man faces several charges over allegations he tried to abduct two children in the city.

Police say they were called Tuesday to a disturbance in a playground where a man and woman were fighting.

The man ran off as police approached and they say they were told the man attempted to take a child from the playground before the woman intervened.

Police say they caught up with the man and arrested him a short while later.

After the arrest, police say they received another report that a man with the same description had tried to take a young boy earlier in the day but his mother fought off the man.

Kenneth John of Prince George faces two counts of kidnapping and one count each of assault and obstructing a police officer.

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Source:: Vancouver Sun