Samsung launches new phone-to-phone ‘switch’ app to lure iPhone users

Samsung wants to make it effortless to ditch your old smartphone and switch to one of its new Galaxy handsets. To this end, the company is launching a new transfer app that enables users to freely move content from their old phone to any recent Galaxy device. What is particularly handy about the new Smart Switch technology is that it supports transfers from any phone and operating system. Among other things, the new phone-to-phone service promises to make it possible to seamlessly transfer your custom setup to your new Galaxy device and move precious content like photos, videos and…

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Craziest Aircraft Design Ever

The aircraft has been designed by a German company called IAT 21 Innovative Aeronautics. The aircraft essentially consists of a fuselage, on which 4 propeller units are mounted. The aircraft can take off and land vertically. The propellers are gimbal mounted. The gimbal works just like the camera gimbals, which allow for smooth camera movements. And this is something that owls do naturally. The gimbal on the aircraft allows for smooth movements of the propeller units in any direction independent of each other. This provides a major advantage to this aircraft, as it gets 360. maneuverability about any spatial axis.…

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The best Currys Black Friday deals 2017

The sales juggernaut that is Black Friday shows no signs of slowing down as the 2017 event approaches, and while you’ve got a broad range of shops and outlets to consider, Currys should be close to the top of your list.

Even if you’re restricting yourself to just one store, though, hunting down the best bargains can be something of a challenge with so many deals to stay on top of – and that’s where we come in, because we’ll be listing the best Currys Black Friday 2017 offers right here.

From the latest gaming consoles to big screen TVs you can hook them up to, from laptops to fitness trackers, there isn’t an area of electronics that you can’t find at Currys (and subsidiary PC World). If you’re interested in gadgets at great prices then make sure you stop off during your Black Friday 2017 travels.

You’ll find our selections below – just remember to enjoy your shopping along the way!

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Ahead of Black Friday 2017, here are the best deals we saw from Currys during Black Friday 2016, so you can get in the mood ahead of time.

TV Black Friday deals – Currys always excels in the TV department and Black Friday 2016 was no different, with a host of reductions on the latest 4K models. Take the 49-inch Sony Bravia KD8305 Ultra HD TV with HDR, for example, which dropped to just £699 on the day.

Audio Black Friday deals – there was plenty of choice when it came to deals on audio equipment too, whether …read more

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