2017 tech IPOs are on a tear compared to last year

By this time last year, one tech company had gone public. there was one. Already this year, nine tech companies have gone public on U.S. exchanges. Needless to say, public exits are looking up. That comparison becomes starker when you compare SecureWorks, 2016’s first IPO, to Snap, which went public in 2017. SecureWorks priced under range, and it has since fallen nearly 38 percent from… Read More …read more

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Sundance’s distribution Kickstarter is a noble idea hamstrung by terrible backer rewards

Sundance Institute, the nonprofit behind the annual Sundance Film Festival, has come up with a new way to support young filmmakers who don’t want to sell the rights to their movies to major distributors.

It’s a Kickstarter. That’s not a terrible idea; in fact it’s pretty noble to step up to the plate for filmmakers who don’t have the same name recognition that Sundance itself has, especially when they might find it impossible to host a fundraiser themselves.

Sundance is starting the project with two films that were critical favorites at this year’s festival: 28-year-old Jennifer Brea’s debut documentary Unrest, and former internet supercut wiz Kogonada’s first feature, Columbus. They hope to raise $150,000 in 28 days, with the funds…

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How a threesomes app penetrated The Washington Post

Employees from The Washington Post were confused when a bot suddenly sent a message to their Slack newsroom, asking them to confess their workplace crushes. The Washington Post’s Slack just sent this to the entire newsroom. Democracy dies in thirstiness. pic.twitter.com/2Rj8rNm9zv — Gene Park (@GenePark) May 1, 2017 Writer Lisa Bonos revealed she was the one who invited the bot, called Feeld, into the chat. Turns out it’s designed to encourage workplace — or at least Slackplace — romance. And it’s got an even more salacious history. Know why Feeld’s logo looks like three pills laid over each other? It began…

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