New iPhone 2018’s A12 chip reportedly smaller, faster and in-production

Apple’s A12 chip, expected to be at the heart of the new iPhone XI and LCD iPhone 9 for 2018, is now in mass production, according to a new report today.

The A12 chipset is said to be faster, yet smaller than previous generation chips, with a 7-nanometer design from Taiwanese supplier TSMC, reports Bloomberg.

Its the smaller package that will allow this chip to be more energy efficient versus the 10nm A11 Bionic chip found in the current iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

We saw a similar jump in speed and efficiency when moving from phones with 12nm to 10nm chips a little over a year ago (Samsung Galaxy S8 was the first). Plus, Apple can make more use of the space. Every nanometer counts in a smartphone.

What it says about the iPhone 2018 release date

You shouldn’t expect the next iPhone any sooner than September – the iPhone X’s A11 Bionic chipset also went into production in May of last year, notes 9to5mac.

It’s right on time, if you’re judging from this believable production line leak. That should put us on track for an early September Apple iPhone launch event, along with the final version of iOS 12.

What should you expect? The latest rumors point to an iPhone XI Plus, an iPhone XI and an LCD-equipped cheaper iPhone X-equivalent, what we’re calling an iPhone 9. A new iPhone SE 2 may fit into the lineup, too.

We’re finding new iPhone 2018 names unpredictable following the iPhone X name that was a real wildcard. They’re completely up to the Apple team’s imagination.

On the other hand, the flow of leaks from production sources? Well, that’s staying decidedly predictable and out of Apple’s control, despite its best leak-thwarting efforts. We’re …read more

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Instagram now lets you mute annoying people without unfollowing them

Remember how you started following your least favorite cousin on Instagram at your last family reunion, because they asked you to do so right then and there? There’s now a way to scrub your feed clean of their inane posts, without ever letting them find out. Instagram is rolling out a new Mute feature that prevents people’s posts from showing up in the app – without requiring you to unfollow them. Just tap on the menu button at the top right corner of a post from the offending user, and tap Mute. Their posts will no longer populate your feed,…

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Nintendo starts selling cheaper Switch bundle without dock in Japan

Nintendo is now selling a cheaper Switch package in Japan that doesn’t include the TV dock. The “Switch 2nd Unit Set” is ostensibly aimed at households that already have a Switch hooked up to the family TV and therefore don’t need a second dock, but it could also be an option for players who only plan to use the system as a handheld device.

The 24,980-yen bundle comes with the Switch tablet, two Joy-Con controllers, and two Joy-Con strap attachments, meaning you’re saving 5,000 yen (~$50) on the regular Switch package. It’s not just the dock that’s excluded, though — the Joy-Con Grip and HDMI cable are obvious exclusions, but the lack of an AC adapter will be a bigger problem for anyone who doesn’t already have one. The dock and adapter…

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Disney’s Star Wars expansion land will open at Disneyland next summer

Anticipation has been high for the Star Wars-themed expansion lands being built at Disneyland and Disney World, but it hasn’t been clear when fans will actually be able to venture into the new parks. Today that got a little clearer, with Disney officially announcing the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be opening at Disneyland in summer of 2019, with the Disney World version of the park following suit in late fall.

Disney parks have incorporated Star Wars rides and other elements for years, but Galaxy’s Edge promises to be a more more ambitious project than anything the company has attempted before. Rather than being a one-off ride or themed area, Galaxy’s Edge is intended to be an entire immersive world, giving guests the experience of…

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