Belkin’s new battery pack offers big charges in a small package

Belkin is back with a brand-new battery pack, one the mobile accessory maker claims is its most compact and fast-charging yet.

Part of its Pocket Power series, the new pack will be available to purchase in three power tiers: 5,000mAh, 10,000mAh and 15,000mAh. Competitors like the Anker PowerCore provide 20,000+mAh to play with, but Belkin’s latest is nothing to sniff at.

According to Belkin, for an iPhone 7 the 5,000mAh power pack adds 19+ hours of additional call time, the 10,000mAh pack an extra 25+ hours, and the top-of-the-line 15,000mAh pack adds a whopping 57+ hours of additional talk time.

As for how long the packs themselves can last, the 5,000mAh can withstand 1.5 full iPhone 7 charges, the 10,000mAh pack up to three, and the 15,000mAh juicer up to five before needing to be plugged in.

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The 5K Pocket Power includes a universal USB port as well as a micro-USB port, meaning it can charge any phone, from Lightning to USB-C. Supported devices include the iPhone 7S, 7S Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, OnePlus devices, LG G6, Huawei phones and the Google Pixel.

But Belkin didn’t stop there; the power bank can also charge smartwatches, fitness bands, headphones, speakers, cameras, drones and Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Because you want to take these packs with you, Belkin has used a plastic casing to keep them lightweight. The 5,000mAh pack weighs approximately 0.45 pounds, the 10,000mAh pack approximately 0.63 pounds, and the biggest of them all weighs in at 0.9 pounds.

The 5,000mAh and 10,000mAh juicers will be available in either black, rose gold and silver. Black is the only color option offered for the 15,000mAh unit.

The 5,000mAh Pocket Power pack is on sale today for $29.99 …read more

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Facebook adds private chat to Live videos to avoid the crowds

Joining in on a Live video stream can be a fun way to feel part of a broader online community, but it can also subject you to a myriad of inane comments, which are often too crowded to make any sense of in the first place. Starting today, Facebook is giving you a new option: you can now watch Live videos privately with your friends. The creatively-named Live Chat With Friends is precisely what it sounds like. Instead of trying to sift through 20,000 comments – Facebook says people comment on Live videos ten times more than regular ones – you…

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Pokemon Go: Does anyone even care anymore?

Months after Pokemon Go was launched in U.S.A, Niantic finally launched the game in India through a tie-up with Reliance Jio a few days ago. The biggest problem with this move is that no one really cares anymore.

Those who were excited by the game and enamoured by it’s A.R. capabilities downloaded the game months ago when it was actually released. Niantic completely missed the boat on the smartphone game’s launch in India.

From a phenomenon to a has-been

When Pokemon Go first launched, it became a phenomenon almost overnight, breaking records left right and centre and even crossing behemoths like Facebook and Twitter in terms of active users.

Pokemon Go completely captured the imagination of the public in a way we haven’t really seen before. Seeing people randomly walking on the streets trying to desperately catch the elusive ‘Pikachu’ became a common sight, even in India.

However, it all died out incredibly fast. While it might be a little presumptuous to say, the truth of the matter is that no one really cares about Pokemon Go anymore. Just like a pop song, which becomes the rage for a few weeks and then completely vanishes from the charts, Pokemon Go has become just a side note in history.

According to a report from app tracking firm Slice, Pokemon Go had lost a whopping 80% of its paying players since its highest point in mid-July. This was in the second week of September. The situation will be worse by now.

Just a fad?

Pokemon Go seems to be suffering from the same fatigue experienced by various fads such as Angry Birds or Flappy Bird: people going crazy over the game and then slowly losing interest.

Niantic hasn’t helped its cause by removing features like the nearby system which caused a lot of fan backlash, and the general buginess of the …read more

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