Patrick Beverley: ‘I Have to Protect Myself’ from Fans

Rockets guard Patrick Beverley got into it with a Thunder fan in Game 3 of the first-round series, and was fined $25,000 for confronting the guy.

Beverley says if the “NBA won’t protect its players,” then he will take matters into his own hands.

Beverley felt that the fan—Stuart Scaramucci, the son of Thunder minority owner Jay Scaramucci—crossed the line.

Per the Houston Chronicle:

“I’m OK with the hazing,” Beverley said. “I’m OK with the boos. I’m OK with other fans rooting for their team. But I’m not OK with the blatant disrespect while I’m lying on the ground and a fan yelling out to me, ‘F you Patrick Beverley, ‘F you Patrick Beverley, ‘F you Patrick Beverley,’ waving a clapper in my face. I’m not comfortable with that.

“If the NBA won’t protect the players, I feel as a man, as a grown man who has children, who has morals, to stand up for the right thing. I have to protect myself.”

Beverley has been booed in Oklahoma City since Thunder star Russell Westbrook was injured in the 2013 playoffs when Beverley tried to steal the ball from him as Westbrook called a timeout. A Thunder ball boy at the time, Mitchell Brown, tweeted a death threat. Houston and Oklahoma City police were alerted and the Rockets had extra security at the games here.

“To put all this in perspective, this isn’t the first incident I had with OKC,” Beverley said. “I had a ball boy tell me he was going to kill me. What type of league, what is this? I had to have a police officer out in front of my house, I can’t be on the same floor as my …read more

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Morning links: Kyle Beckerman an MLS legend; Jazz got good while no one was looking

Richard Farley of FourFourTwo looked at the career of Real Salt Lake’s Kyle Beckerman and discussed how he should go down as an all-time great in MLS.

After talking about Beckerman’s humility, Farley wrote, “Beckerman has helped guide RSL from competitive obscurity to a model of franchise growth. He’s won an MLS Cup, another Western Conference title, is a multi-time All-Star and is the captain of one of the most iconic squad cores in league history.”

Farley then mentions comparing Beckerman to Derek Jeter, Tony Gwynn and Kevin Garnett, before diving into what Beckerman has done in MLS, saying, “The legacies of those athletes, both Hall of Fame-caliber in their sports, float in rarified air, but perhaps Beckerman’s should, too. His position doesn’t lend itself to lofty attacking numbers, but in his defensive midfield role, he has accumulated more appearances (412), starts (403) and minutes (34,117) than any field player in Major League Soccer history.”

After talking about Beckerman’s role at the international level, Farley continues, “Kyle Beckerman is Hall of Fame material. He’s not only a legend in Salt Lake; he’s a legend of the entire league.”

The Utah Jazz got good while no one was watching

Chris Herring of FiveThirtyEight looked at how the Utah Jazz turned into a contender under the NBA radar.

After looking at how the Philadelphia 76ers and the Houston Rockets made improvements, Herring turned his attention to the Jazz, saying, “The Jazz’s improvement isn’t as straightforward as the Rockets’ or Sixers’, though — they did it by tinkering with the margins of a roster that had missed the postseason for four consecutive years, and they’re capitalizing on their two young stars finally coming of age.”

He then compares the Jazz to the Indiana Pacers from a few years back, saying, “Rudy …read more

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DeShaun Watson Wonderlic Was 20, Lowest of the Top QBs in 2017 Draft

Regardless of your thoughts on 40 times or Wonderlic scores, here’s your NFL Draft story of the day: Bob McGinn of the Journal Sentinel got the Wonderlic scores of all the top QBs in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Deshone Kizer, Notre Dame: 28
Mitchell Trubisky, UNC: 25
Patrick Mahomes, Texas Tech: 24
DeShaun Watson, Clemson: 20

Before the panic over “wonderlic shaming” – I had no idea it was a thing; it’s laughable that it even is one – begins, a few things to consider:

a) There isn’t a lot of separation here
b) Watson graduated from Clemson in three years
c) From Blaine Gabbert to Dan Marino, NFL teams still remain mum on what – if any – value the test has

Let’s roll out some Wonderlic scores from past QBs!

Blaine Gabbert 42
Colin Kaepernick 38
Andrew Luck 37
Jared Goff 36
Aaron Rodgers 35
Tom Brady 33
Peyton Manning 28
Dan Marino 16
Jim Kelly 15
Donovan McNabb 14
Jeff George 10
Vince Young 6

If you read the McGinn piece linked above, there’s an anonymous quote in the Kizer blurb: “He’s smart (Wonderlic score of 28).” So what does that mean for Watson’s 20, or Marino’s 16 or Vince Young’s 6? They’re not “smart?”

Has the Wonderlic changed much in the last 2+ decades? Jim Kelly and Donovan McNabb were smart QBs (well, McNabb’s overtime disaster not withstanding), but did poorly. Ryan Fitzpatrick a journeyman who maybe had two good seasons in his career, scored a 48. Greg McElroy, who moved to the booth after a few years as a backup QB, also got a 48.

This is peak draft season stuff: Reporters get Wonderlic scores. They are debated. Nobody knows what they truly mean, or what value …read more

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