Work on North-east road set to go-ahead after delay

Works to the B979 Netherley road are expected to take place tonight after being postponed last week.

Roadworks will take place on a short section of the B979 between the new A90 southbound slip road and the Mains of Ury junction, part of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route/Balmedie to Tipperty project.

They were originally set to take place last weekend, but were postponed.

A Transport Scotland spokesman said: “It is not unusual for works to be rescheduled as part of large, complex infrastructure projects such as the AWPR/B-T project.

“The closure of the B979 at Stonehaven was postponed and rescheduled to this weekend in order to better co-ordinate with other site activities.”

The section of road was now set to close from 8pm tonight, weather permitting, until 6am on Monday.

It is to allow contractors to realign the A90 northbound slip roads and carry out surfacing works.

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Letter: Was justice really served in Brock Turner case?

In response to Stanley Voyle’s opinion (Letters, Jan. 16) that Brock Turner received a fair sentence that resulted in a forfeited Stanford college degree, I question how this is a just sentence. Regardless of what one may feel about the recall election of Judge Aaron Persky, I seriously question why justice was served. Why is it that a white privileged male can violently attack an unconscious woman in a very public place and get minimal jail time while there are countless people of color languishing in jail over minor drug possession offenses. There was no justice in this case, and this case is a perfect example why our society as a whole must focus on the dire need for criminal justice reform.

Patricia Baker Kobashi
Morgan Hill

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Movie review: ’12 Strong’ tells true story of American ‘horse soldiers’ of Afghanistan

Not everyone knows the story of the first U.S. combat forces in Afghanistan after 9/11. As related in the 2009 book “Horse Soldiers,” a small team of 12 Green Berets — known as Task Force Dagger — achieved a startling victory. Assisted on the ground by ragtag fighters loyal to an Afghan warlord and, from the sky by U.S. bombers, the men — often on horseback — helped liberate a stronghold of the Taliban and al-Qaida, Mazar-e Sharif, within a matter of weeks.

Their return to the United States was greeted with little fanfare.

While it’s gratifying — and occasionally gripping — to see that story told in “12 Strong,” the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced film contains few genuine surprises, at least from a cinematic standpoint. Despite solid performances by the ensemble cast, led by Chris Hemsworth as cocksure Capt. Mitch Nelson and Michael Shannon as his grumpy, retirement-ready second-in-command, Chief Warrant Officer Hal Spencer, the fictionalized film relies heavily on cliché, including the kind of swaggering banter one might expect from a video game.

“That’s what I call a target-rich environment,” cracks one member of Nelson’s team, when they are informed that their tiny squad is up against more than 50,000 Taliban fighters.

The enemy is embodied by an almost cartoonish, black-clad Taliban mullah, who, when he’s not executing a weeping schoolteacher for educating girls or firing a barrage of RPGs at Nelson and his men, is peering through the red-tinted lenses of binoculars that suggest a satanic malevolence.

Make no mistake: “12 Strong” is a Western, set in the mountains of Afghanistan. It isn’t just the horses or the bleakly beautiful terrain (which director Nicolai Fuglsig uses to great advantage). Despite these and other staples of the genre, the film’s macho dialogue — inflected with an gallows humor that renders the real-world gravity of the …read more

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Woman saved from iTunes voucher fraud by North-east shop manager

A pensioner who was almost tricked by fraudsters into buying iTunes vouchers to pay off a fake debt was saved from losing hundreds of pounds thanks to a quick-thinking shop manager.

The woman, who did not want to be named, was stopped in the ASDA supermarket in Portlethen by a concerned member of staff after they saw her carrying a lot of vouchers on Sunday.

She almost became a victim of a new type of scam, where criminals pretend to be HMRC officials over the phone and aggressively demand individuals – often vulnerable or elderly people – pay off hundreds or even thousands of pounds worth of unpaid tax or face arrest.

The fraudsters claim victims can make amends by sending them the codes on the back of the coupons, which can be used to buy music, videos and other online products.

It is understood the pensioner was one of dozens of people targeted by scammers in the North-east in recent days.

Police have advised anyone who believes they have been targeted to report the incident through calling 101.

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