The Funny, Sweet Reason Prince William Says Diana Would Have Been ‘an Absolute Nightmare’ as a Grandma

The memory of “Granny Diana” is still a big part of daily life in Prince William‘s household.

In a new documentary about Princess Diana, William is opening up how he talks to his children — Prince George, who turned 4 on Saturday, and Princess Charlotte, 2 — about the grandmother that they never got to meet.

In Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, which airs on ITV on Monday, William says he is “constantly talking about Granny Diana.”

“We’ve got more photos up round the house now of her and we talk about her a bit and stuff,” he adds.

“It’s hard because obviously Catherine didn’t know her, so she cannot really provide that — that level of detail,” he says. “So, I do regularly putting George or Charlotte to bed, talk about her and just try and remind them that there are two grandmothers, there were two grandmothers in their lives, and so it’s important that they know who she was and that she existed.”

However William jokingly admits that Diana would have perhaps taken to being a grandmother a little too well.

“She’d be a nightmare grandmother, absolute nightmare,” he joked. “She’d love the children to bits, but she’d be an absolute nightmare. She’d come and go and she’d come in probably at bath time, cause an amazing amount of scene, bubbles everywhere, bathwater all over the place and — and then leave.”

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William also opened up about how growing up with a hands-on mother like Diana has shaped his own parenting style.

“I want to make as much time and effort with Charlotte and George as I can because I realize that these early years particularly are crucial for children, and having …read more

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Friend Reveals the Queen’s Secret ‘Sad Discussion’ About Diana’s Stress During Marriage Woes: ‘She Was So Worried’

A friend of Princess Diana‘s revealed in a new documentary that Queen Elizabeth was concerned about her wellbeing as reports of her sadness began to circulate during the dissolution of her marriage to Prince Charles.

In an interview for ITV’s Our Mother Diana: Her Life and Legacy special — which airs in the U.K. on Monday — Harry Herbert, who was close of Diana’s and is also a friend of the royal family, says he was asked by the Queen if he could confirm the growing rumors about Diana’s sadness.

The deeply personal conversation came one afternoon following a lunch at Balmoral, the Queen’s estate in the Scottish Highlands.

“The Queen wanted to talk to me about it because she was so worried, she was so, you know, worried about — worried about Diana,” Herbert said.

“Looking down onto this beautiful setting of heather and castle, an incredibly, you know, important chat, a very personal,” Herbert – who is the son of the Queen’s late former racing manager, “Porchie” — recalls. “And the Queen wanted to know how was Diana feeling, and was it as bad as — as it was. It was a sad discussion, a sad moment really because that was everything at its worst.”

Soon afterwards, Herbert was at Kensington Palace visiting with the princess, “when things weren’t particularly easy in her married life” – and revealed that her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, were able to snap her out of her private turmoil.

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“Suddenly, these two boys came thundering round the corner in their dressing gowns — this was before bed — and just watching her face light up, going from sad chat to suddenly — boof!” he said. “I’ll never forget that moment, and them …read more

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Harry Shares His Regret Over Last Phone Call with Mom Diana: ‘If I’d Known … the Things I Would Have Said to Her’

Prince William and Prince Harry have shared poignant new photographs from their personal collection of their late mother, Princess Diana, as they open up about her life and legacy in a new documentary.

The deeply personal photos come from albums that the princes have been looking over in memory of the mother as part of ITV’s Our Mother Diana: Her Life and Legacy special, which airs in the U.K. on Monday. August 31 will mark the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death in a Paris car crash.

The documentary features appearances by Diana’s brother Charles Spencer, Elton John and Rihanna, who took an HIV test alongside Harry in Barbados last December to help break the stigma of getting tested. Diana was an early and very public campaigner for HIV and AIDS awareness and treatment.

The princes, who say that they will not speak out at length about her like this again, also talk movingly about the fact that their last phone call from her – on the day she died – was so short. Being such young boys, aged 15 and 12 respectively, they were keen to get to back to playing with their cousins at the Queen’s Scottish retreat, Balmoral. “And if I’d known that that was the last time I was going to speak to my mother the things that I would – the things I would have said to her,” Harry says in the documentary.

While discussing the documentary with reporters — including PEOPLE — at a meeting in Kensington Palace, William said, “This is a tribute from her sons to her.” He added that standing before a group about to watch the documentary was “possibly the most nervous I’ve ever been.”

“It’s one thing doing a documentary like this and it’s another thing standing front of all …read more

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