Ariana Grande Manchester Concert: Sold Out! In 6 Minutes!

Ariana Grande Dances

In response to last week’s horrible suicide bombing in Manchester, Ariana Grande penned an emotional letter that partially read as follows:

Music is something that everyone on Earth can share. Music is meant to heal us, to bring us together, to make us happy. So that is what it will continue to do for us.

We will continue in honor of the ones we lost, their loved ones, my fans and all affected by this tragedy.

As it turns out, the singer is not the only person who feels this way.

Within six minutes of tickets going on sale for Grande’s upcoming tribute concert, multiple outlets confirm that the event sold out.

Totally and completely. In just six minutes.

Makes you feel pretty good about humanity, doesn’t it?

That so many people are willing to head back to the scene of this awful crime, in order to prove to the terrorists that they don’t scare us… and also to raise money for all affected by this tragedy?

As previously detailed, this special show will take place June 4 at the Emirates Old Trafford Cricket Ground.

Among the act who will join Grande on stage will be Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus Coldplay and Justin Bieber.

Proceeds from the concert will go to the Red Cross’ Manchester Emergency Fund and be used to benefit the victims and the families affected by the suicide bombing at Grande’s Manchester Arena concert on May 22.

In that act of terrorism, 22 people were killed and over 100 were injured.

Those who attended this original concert have been offered free tickets; the remainder went on sale for on Thursday morning for $52.

Shortly after the event sold out, Ticketmaster released a statement that assured these original concert goers they would be covered.

It reads as follows:

“We would like to reassure any fans that were at …read more

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Kylie Jenner Censored Her Own Nipples on Snapchat: LOOK!

Kylie Jenner with Censoring Stars

Kylie Jenner will stop at nothing to promote her lip products. And, let’s face it, to promote herself.

Apparently, that means that she’ll even share this risque image of herself with her legions of Snapchat followers.

It has all of the ingredients of a consummate Kylie Jenner photo:

-fake, darker skin tone

-her face makeup makes her look like somebody’s new, young stepmom

-shameless self-promotion

-shared via Snapchat

-taste that’s questionable at best

-absurdly, attention-grabbingly revealing outfit

-looking like a Bratz doll was animated in the worst-yet adaptation of Pinnochio

Don’t get us wrong, Kylie’s super hot.

It’s just that she dresses like a pin-up so often.

And the lighting and “pose” — she’s literally just standing, facing the camera like a deer in headlights — makes it look like this photo belongs on a website for missing and exploited girls, if not as evidence at somebody’s kidnapping trial.

You can be all for women choosing what clothing to wear and how much skin they show and still get tired of Kylie’s antics.

Just like how Kylie’s an adult and can choose whom to date, but we still don’t understand why she keeps dating Tyga.

You can support #FreeTheNipple all that you want and still wonder why Kylie didn’t just wear a bra that hid her nipples instead of censoring them in post.

There’s a joke about her Snapchat followers being all “starry-eyed” in there somewhere, but who has the stomach to make it?

We guess that we hope that this promo works.

People have criticized Kylie Cosmetics’ quality but they’re still very in-demand.

Fans will keep buying them as long as she’s selling them, huh?

Sex sells, or whatever.

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House of Cards Season 5, Episode 10: The Live-Binge Review

As in previous years, I’m binge-reviewing the latest season of Netflix’s House of Cards, the TV show that helped popularize the idea of “binge watching” when it premiered in 2013. Don’t read farther than you’ve watched. (The whole series will appear here.)

Episode 10 (Chapter 62)

“The dead sleep with their eyes open,” Frank said to start this hour. “‘Left for dead’ is an ancient concept,” Claire told Tom Yates later. Both statements were apt for an alarming episode in which the Underwoods’ past victims re-emerged for vengeance while the administration geared up for a land war in Syria.

The list of increasingly relevant dead folks include Zoe Barnes and Rachel Posner, whose killings are being investigated feverishly by Hammerschmidt. But perhaps the more dangerous “dead” person is ex-president Garrett Walker, who reneged on his plan to plead the 5th in Congress after Frank needlessly subjected him to a smugness offensive. Jackie Sharp and Remy Danton, still unseen this season after driving away together in the Season 4 finale, also resurfaced as possibly incriminating witnesses—till Usher neutralized Jackie with a public humiliation that Frank claims “is not how we do things in this administration.”

That statement is obviously risible. But it is true the Underwoods have tried to avoid burning the people who have served them—a tendency that is now being tested with LeAnn, and maybe will soon be with Doug. Because Doug could, one imagines, be the fall guy for a few of the brewing scandals. Lisa, the girlfriend of Rachel Posner, has gone from loose end to full-blown threat—especially now that Doug has confronted but not killed her. Additionally, the story of Anthony Moretti dying to save Frank thanks to Doug is now known to Sean, Seth, and Claire. It get you thinking: What else could Doug be …read more

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