Tyga: Dating Justin Bieber Ex Jordan Ozuna?!

Tyga Hangs

For young stars, Hollywood is basically a big high school cafeteria where every table is the cool kids’ table.

So it’s not surprising that such a tight circle results in a lot of romantic overlap.

Once someone is deemed dateable by a young famous person, they might spend the rest of their life bouncing around between relationships with other celebrities.

Unfortunately, if they started with an A-lister, there’s a good chance that it’ll be all downhill from there.

Case in point: model Jordan Ozuna dated Justin Bieber during one of his many hiatuses from his relationship with Kylie Jenner.

Ozuna is a former Hooters waitress turned model who recently walked in a Kanye West fashion show.

It seems she made some important contacts after stepping off the runway, as Radar Online is now reporting that Ozuna is dating Tyga.

Yes, Tyga – the “rapper” and professional coattail-rider who’s only still a thing because he dated Kylie Jenner for a depressingly long time.

Of course, Tyga and Kylie broke up earlier this month, and it seems that this time their relationship is over for good.

So T-Raww’s days in the spotlight are numbered, but don’t tell that to Jordan, who’s apparently under the impression that she’s hitched her wagon to a star.

So Jordan might not get what she’s looking for from this relationship, but you have to hand it to Tyga:

It’s not easy to exploit someone for fame so effectively that others begin to think they can exploit you for fame.

And what’s bad news for Ozuna could wind up being good news for Kylie.

Sources close to the situation say Tyga has been doing everything in his power to convince Kylie to give him a second chance.

It’s not hard to see why he thinks his overtures would be successful, as Kylie and Tyga have gotten back …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

Demi Lovato Swimsuit Photos Will Leave Your Jaws Dropped on Instagram

Demi Lovato: Hot on Insta

Demi Lovato can’t stop posting sexy shots of herself, and in doing so, continues to make this world a better place, a little bit at a time.

Even in this troubled era in American history, it’s important for all of us to remember that there’s more that unites us than divides us.

Girl is certainly doing her part.

The 24-year-old’s Instagram page, which has rapidly become the hottest destination on the Internet, was on fire once again this weekend.

Saturday, the “Heart Attack” singer almost gave her 57 million followers one when she posted the absolutely stunning bikini pic above.

Forget “Cool For the Summer.” She’s hotter than … well, you can complete that sentence with whatever superlatives you deem appropriate.

Those are some lucky sunglasses, though. Wow.

In case any haters were gonna hate, or accuse her of any filtering or Photoshop action, Demi made sure to add her trademark positivity:

“No filter, no edit, love your body the way it is.”

Words to live by. And she wasn’t done yet …

Lovato posted another jaw-dropping picture of her toned figure, showing off insane cleavage in a plunging orange one-piece swimsuit.

“Don’t know if it’s physically possible for me to get any more tan,” she wrote, and if you examine it, you can see this is a true statement.

(Try not to drool too obviously in public.)

The former Disney star also posted a pic of her curves to Snapchat, unabashedly flaunting her body and encouraging fans to as well.

Lovato has long embraced her natural curves, saying in another recent Instagram post that she’s content with not having a thigh gap.

We think we can speak for the entire populace when we say she should be quite content exactly how she is now (and post more pics).

While we have no idea how that qualifies as a swimsuit one would actually wear …read more

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Erin Moran: Cause of Death Revealed

Erin Moran Pic

Yesterday, we reported on the death of Erin Moran, the actress best known for her work on Happy Days and the short-lived sitvom Joanie Loves Chachi.

Moran was just 56 years old.

Sadly, Moran final years were characterized by substance abuse, poverty, and a slow, alcohol-fueled descent into mental illness.

Moran and husband Steve Fleischmann lost their SoCal home to foreclosure in 2012, and the couple had been bouncing around the Midwest ever since.

At the time of her death, Moran was living in Corydon, Indiana, having been kicked out of the trailer park home belonging to Fleischmann’s mother due to what sources described as “constant partying.”

Now, it’s believed that Moran’s lifestyle resulted in her early demise.

Though toxicology reports are pending, those who knew Moran best say there’s little doubt that the actress substance abuse played a role in her death.

Toxicology reports are still pending, but law enforcement officials in Corydon reportedly believe that Moran drank and drugged herself into an early grave.

Police have left open the possibility of an overdose, as the trailer park that she was living in at the time of her death was known to be plagued by opioid abuse.

However, those closest to Moran do not believe that she overdosed.

Rather, sources say it appears that her death was a result of the cumulative effects of several decades of hard living.

Insiders say that because Moran’s drug of choice was alcohol, they suspect that it was undiagnosed heart or liver disease that claimed her life.

One source tells Radar Online about the brushes with the law and state of semi-homelessness that defined Moran’s final days.

The insider says that ever since she was evicted from the trailer belonging to Fleischmann’s mother, Moran’s life had spiraled out of control:

“Erin was a huge help at first, but then Steve’s mom got fed up …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip