24 Child Stars Who Didn’t Go Totally Insane

Daniel radcliffe at a premiere

Not every child star goes off the rails.

Sure, we know the stories of Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan, and even Miley Cyrus has certainly turned some heads at times.

But many child stars manage to maintain solid careers, become role models, and do some great work for charity.

Here are a few who turned out to be pretty respectable – and pretty normal.

1. Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter grew up well, you guys. Daniel Radcliffe has gone on to be a part of a long list of projects since the final Harry Potter film, including his role in the BBC series, A Young Doctor’s Notebook, where he starred opposite Jon Hamm. He’s also managed to remain a level-headed and respectable guy.

2. Mayim Bialik

Once her role as Blossom Russo ended, Mayim Bialik went on to live a pretty normal life. She went to college and did well, earning a PhD in neuroscience before returning to television to play a scientist on TV. Now, she’s Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory, and she’s also known for being an awesome role model.

3. Anna Chlumsky

We’ll never forget Anna Chlumsky as Veda on My Girl. She took a break from acting after that and focused on school. She earned a degree from the University of Chicago, and later worked as an editorial assistant for a HarperCollins science fiction-fantasy imprint before making the decision to return to acting. Now, she can be seen on HBO’s Veep.

4. Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris was adorable as Doogie Howser, and he went on to become a successful actor known for roles such as Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother. More than that, he’s supported a long list of charities and organizations.

5. Hilary Duff

Hillary Duff has remained both successful and respectable as an actress and musician since her early days …read more

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Lena Dunham Shows Off Two HUGE New Tattoos, Explains Why!

Lena Dunham No Pants

Lena Dunham is such a divisive celebrity, and with good reason.

But based on the story that she shared on Snapchat, we’re starting to get concerned. She’s showing off some tattoos and some classic Lena Dunham near-nudity, but her statements accompanying the photos have us genuinely worried.

Lena Dunham has tattoos already, and to be clear, it’s totally up to her how she decorates her meat prison.

While tattoos run the risk of making a mess —

(And we’ve all watched helplessly as Justin Bieber turned his first-rate heartthrob body into a tacky mess, which is totally his right, but it doesn’t look good)

— they’re also a huge part of self-expression and can hold personal and religious significance.

And sometimes tattoos can look really cool.

But Lena’s shared this Snapchat story and it’s the text that has us worried about her mental health.

“Been tatting myself up like crazy this month,” the first one reads.

That’s not super alarming.

Well, it suggests poor impulse-control, but Lena didn’t get to where she is in life by being reserved and cautious.

For better or for worse.

She’s debuting these two new pieces of ink, and they’re not really the images that we’d advise that someone get stabbed into their skin.

But, you know, that’s a difference of taste.

This one, of two Kewpie dolls dipping into a barrel, is pretty harmless.

Kind of creepy, if only because all dolls are creepy, but whatever.

Lena Dunham also gave Snapchat followers an eyefull of her blooming rose.

And that’s not a euphemism.

We’re talking about a tattoo of a literal blooming rose.

Though it is, you know, below her waist and all that.

“I think it gives me a sense of control and ownership of a body that’s often beyond my control,” she writes.

This is what has us concerned.

Now, Lena has endometriosis, which can be just the worst.

Remember …read more

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Sasha Velour and Drag’s Permanent Revolution

If you’re ever in need of perspective on whether our society is in true upheaval or if we’re only experiencing the same cultural battles that have raged forever, old Geraldo clips on YouTube will always offer some clarity. Recently I found myself binging on the talk show’s coverage of “club kids,” a scene of 1990s New York City partiers who wore fantastical and frequently gender-bending outfits. In various episodes over the years, Rivera invited them on and then scoffed at their floral masks and harlequin makeup, their coy references to drug use, and their queerness. Once, they inspired him to ask, somewhat in earnest, “It’s four in the morning—do you know where your children are?”

Last week, RuPaul retweeted a link to one of those episodes, from 1990, which featured him a few years before he became America’s most famous drag queen. Midway through, Rivera asked whether dressing outlandishly is an art, and RuPaul gave an exuberant yes. “I dropped out of society when Reagan got in office,” he added, then took the opportunity to rally the audience: “Everybody say ‘love!’ Everybody say ‘love!’”

Remarkably, RuPaul doesn’t seem to have changed much since that 1990 appearance—and the story he’s woven about drag has stayed remarkably consistent too. He was using his current catchphrase, “You’re born naked and the rest is drag,” back then. During the ninth-season finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race, which aired Friday, RuPaul repeated his Geraldo routine: “Everybody say ‘love!’” he commanded. And just as RuPaul was drawing a contrast between Ronald Reagan and himself back then, he’s doing so with Donald Trump now.

Owing either to the new president or to record viewership numbers or to both, Season 9 of the cheeky crossdressing competition has been accompanied by a heap of publicity noting drag’s political implications (guilty!). …read more

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