Radio Atlantic: Why Do Happy People Cheat?

“Infidelity,” Esther Perel writes in the October issue of The Atlantic, “happens in bad marriages and in good marriages. It happens even in open relationships where extramarital sex is carefully negotiated beforehand. The freedom to leave or divorce has not made cheating obsolete.” Adultery is as ancient as marriage, and as contemporary relationships have evolved, Perel writes, the causes and consequences of infidelity have much to teach us about the nature of commitment. In this conversation, Perel talks with our hosts about some of those lessons, culled from numerous sessions counseling couples as a psychotherapist.

Perel is the author of Mating in Captivityand the host of “Where Should We Begin?”—an Audible original series entering its second season on October 24th. Her new book, The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity, is now available in bookstores.

– “Why Happy People Cheat” (Esther Perel)
– “You Need Help to Help Her” (Esther Perel, “Where Should We Begin?”)
– “Muto” (Matt Thompson, Snarkmarket)

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16 Totally AWWW-dorable Pregnancy Announcements

Coming soon

Announcing you are expecting a baby is fun, exciting and special no matter how you choose to do it.

But these people have chosen to do it in especially unique and hilarious ways…

1. Coming Soon!

This is a nice, creative, subtle way of announcing a pregnancy. But some small feet will soon be filling those shoes.

2. It’s Positive!

It’s a positive pregnancy test! Can you tell which half of this couple is more excited about it?

3. Expect the Unexpected

No, babies don’t come from storks. But this one is being used to announced one.

4. Sand Art

This is one of the more artistic ways of announcing to friends and family members that you are expecting a child.

5. We’re Prego!

They’re Prego! This type of announcement is both funny and, later, tasty.

6. Bun in the Oven

There’s a literal bun in an actual oven in this humorous photo. But a figurative one is also on the way.

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Drake and Bella Hadid: Dating?!

Drake at U.S. Open

Every once in a while, a celebrity couple comes along that makes so much sense you wonder how you their perfection for one another never occurred to you before.

But in the case of Drake and Bella Hadid, you have to forgive yourself, because no one really thinks about Bella Hadid on regular basis, do they?

Anyway, it looks as though these two have been engaging in lanky, sullen sex for several months now.

“It started out casual, but they’re definitely serious now,” a source tells Us Weekly.

“They’ve been meeting up and going out for romantic dinners.”

The insider adds that Drake and Bella are far more than friends with benefits, and their relationship appears to have already reached the “exclusive” stage.

In fact, it seems Drizzy went all out on Bella’s recent birthday, dropping tens of thousands on a lavish party for the model and her friends.

“[Drake] planned it and paid for everything,” says the source.

Now that the word is out that Drake was the one to finance the soiree, fans are reading way into Bella’s birthday Instagram post.

“Thank you for all of your birthday wishes and love … I’m exploding with happiness and so thankful for all of the amazing people in my life. I love you,” she wrote.

In all likelihood, it was just a generic message to her friends and family.

Unless … was she telling Drake she loves him?!

Probably not, but if the rumors that these two have been hooking up since June are true, they might actually be at that point in their relationship.

Anyway, both parties have gone through messy high-profile breakups, so fans are all psyched about the possibility of the two of them closing out 2017 together.

Bella and The Weeknd broke up last year after dating for several months.

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Kardashian Clan: NOT Worried About the Blac Chyna Lawsuit!

Kris and Kim Kardashian

As we all know, Blac Chyna is suing the entire Kardashian family, alleging that they tanked her budding reality career.

We’re sure that the Kardashian clan is preparing its significant financial might to meet Blac Chyna on the field of battle — the courtroom.

But, even though Blac Chyna did well against Rob in their custody fight, it doesn’t sound like the Kardashians are taking this seriously.

Towards the end, the toxic relationship between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian turned violent, according to some serious and scary allegations.

Despite the alleged violence, despite the revenge porn attack to which most of the Western world was a witness whether they wanted to see it or not, Rob and Chyna will always be linked.

Because one good thing came of their relationship: Dream Kardashian, who is cute beyond words.

This new battle that Blac Chyna is waging against Rob and every adult member of his family isn’t about domestic violence allegations or custody or child support or revenge porn, however.

It’s about the cancellation of their television show.

Blac Chyna alleges that the Kardashians were responsible for forcing E! to quash the series, even though — according to her claims — the second season was all prepared to go.

She says that even though Rob and Chyna were no longer a couple, Rob & Chyna would have still had compelling storylines as the two learned to co-parent.

She’s believed to be seeking at least 7 figures.

Not only is Chyna hoping to make up for lost paychecks that she would have made had the series continued, but she’s apparently hoping to be compensated for other lost revenue.

Because there are endorsements, paid appearances, and other financial opportunities that come from having a reality series.

And no one would know that better than the Kardashians.

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