Cynthia Nixon Dismissed as “Unqualified Lesbian” by Idiot Politician

Cynthia for New York

As previously reported, Cynthia Nixon is running for Governor of New York.

As has also been reported a long time ago, Cynthia Nixon is a lesbian.

What does this latter fact have to do with this former fact?

Nothing at all, really.

But try telling that to Former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

In an interview with The New York Post, Quinn made it clear that still holds a grudge against Nixon for endorsing Bill de Blasio over her in the the 2013 Democratic primary for mayor.

“I’m surprised by this race. It’s a flight of fancy on her part,” Quinn said of Nixon’s confirmation on Monday that she would take on Andrew Cuomo in the September 13 Democratic primary.

That’s a fair assessment on Quinn’s part.

Most folks out there were taken aback by Nixon’s announcement.

But Quinn wasn’t done.

She added the following:

“Cynthia Nixon was opposed to having a qualified lesbian become mayor of New York City. Now she wants an unqualified lesbian to be the governor of New York.

“You have to be qualified and have experience. She isn’t qualified to be the governor.”

Quinn, as you may have surmised by that quote, is an open lesbian just like Nixon.

What does this have to do with Nixon’s candidacy? It’s unclear.

All that’s evident here is just how bitter Quinn is over Nixon’s decision five years ago to back someone else for New York City Mayor.

“She’s an accomplished actress, a supporter of political causes and that’s a good thing,” Quinn said in this same interview, adding:

“Participating in rallies is important. But she’s never run an organization.

“Being an actress and celebrity doesn’t make you qualified for public office. This is a time to move away from celebrity and toward progressive leadership.”

There’s an actual critique!

There’s still little substance behind it, of course, as one would ideally attack a …read more

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Joseph Duggar & Kendra Caldwell: Did They Break the Rules of Courtship?

Joseph and Kendra Duggar

It’s been six months since Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell got married, but today, many Duggar fans are thinking about the last days of the couple’s courtship.

That’s because Monday night’s episode of Counting On featured the couple engaging in behavior that doesn’t quite align with the Duggar rules of courtship.

A joint bachelor/bachelorette party allowed the young couple to – gasp! – engage in premarital physical contact, and being human adults with genitals, they took advantage.

“We were on John’s boat and whenever we were back on the tube he was definitely working pretty hard to get us off the tube,” Joe said in a voiceover.

“It was pretty tough not to break the rules of engagement just for the fact that when you’re tubing your closer than you normally would be,” he added.

“When they put you in a turn, you’re trying to counter for the turn so I had to move from side to side so therefore I was crawling over top of her and definitely in close quarters.”

It was a nice attempt at explaining away behavior that would have gotten a female Duggar locked in the basement until her wedding day, but fans weren’t buying it.

On social media, viewers expressed shock that Joe and Kendra allowed themselves to be shown “climbing on top of one another.”

Many pointed out that Jim Bob and Michelle appear to be getting more lax with age, as physical contact of the variety that Joe and Kendra engaged in last night would have been the stuff of scandal a decade ago.

One of the downsides of making such a big deal of your ridiculous dating guidelines is that millions of people now know the Duggar courtship rules by heart.

Not only are Duggars forbidden to engage in premarital sex, they’re not allowed to kiss or …read more

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Amber Portwood Reveals Her Baby’s Name

Amber Portwood Flaunts Major Cleavage

Way back at the beginning of the year, Amber Portwood revealed her baby’s name … sort of.

It wasn’t an official reveal or a full name, and she never actually confirmed much of anything about the child she’s having with Andrew Glennon.

Until now, that is.

The Teen Mom OG Reunion was missing two of its stars.

Farrah Abraham was absent because, you know, she got fired from Teen Mom. That whole story was a huge mess. It’s the end of an era — the Farrah era — and we can all sleep a little easier.

Amber Portwood, in the mean time, has not been fired — but she still couldn’t attend the reunion special in person.

Why? Because she’s super pregnant with her second child.

Just because she wasn’t up to flying out didn’t mean that she couldn’t attend. She spoke and answered questions through FaceTime.

One Twitter user’s question got asked: “Amber I’ve been dying to know, have you picked out a name for the baby?”

Without a pause, Amber replied:

“His name is going to be James Andrew Glennon.”

She then goes on to explain that they’re naming their son after not only his baby daddy (obviously), Andrew Glennon, but after Andrew’s father.

IMDB notes that James Glennon “died unexpectedly on October 19, 2006, from a blood clot resulting from surgery for prostate cancer.”

If you’re wondering why Andrew Glennon’s dad’s death is described on IMDB instead of on some old obituary page from a newspaper, it’s because Andrew is not the first Glennon in show business.

James Glennon was a famous cinematographer, whose most recognizable works include About Schmidt and Deadwood.

Not for nothing, but James’ father, Bert Glennon, was also a world-famous cinematographer.

And James’ mother was Mary Coleman, a script supervisor.

As we all remember from when we first learned that Andrew and …read more

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Burger King: Sorry About that Sign About Overdosing!

Burger King Sign

The idea of a Burger King establishment enacting a policy that bans customers from returning once they’ve had an overdose on the grounds sounds like the premise of a particularly cruel The Onion article.

Unfortunately, it’s real.

The Burger King in question even posted a sign, which you can see below.

Let’s be clear from the beginning:

This one overdose per customer limit is not a rule passed down from Burger King corporate to different managers.

But one particular Burger King in Worcester, Massachusetts decided that they needed to do something about the prevalence of drug use in their establishment.

According to WBZ, “It’s common knowledge, people do use those restrooms to do that sort of thing. There have been overdoses in there.”

And this is the sign that attracted the attention of police and, of course, of the internet.

“You are ONLY allowed ONE overdose and then you are banned from this establishment.”

Obviously, a number of critics — regardless of their opinions on the opioid epidemic that our nation faces — were shocked that a manager would even hang this in the first place.

The internet exists. Signs don’t stay secret.

On a surface level, the policy itself seems fair. If someone gets caught overdosing in a fast food place … it’s a business. You don’t need people nearly dying from drugs and frightening away customers who are there to eat food.

If this were a shelter, someone might have a point in saying that the policy isn’t compassionate. But Burger Kings are not shelters. They’re restaurants. Let people eat their delicious onion rings in peace.

At the same time, the way in which the sign was written — the phrasing — made it sound almost permissive.

As if Burger King is fine with drug use within the establishment up until you overdose. Then and only then do they draw …read more

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