The Sounds of the Dolomites: Extreme open-air concerts

Co-curator and cellist Mario Brunello describes this annual music festival held in the surrounds of the mountains of Trentino in Italy

In Depth

Mario Brunello

Monday, June 19, 2017 – 11:57am

Silence is something we rarely think about, yet it is a very important element in the mountains, in life and in music. All music starts from silence and returns to it. And when the musician plays the first note to break that silence, it fills the audience with a unique feeling of life.

The philosophy of Sounds of the Dolomites is not simply to play music in a great landscape, but to create an experience, which is special to the artist and the audience. For me, I think the festival is so special because major artists – for example, the 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic – accept the invitation knowing they will be challenged to create their own sound without the help of big concert halls. In a normal auditorium, the acoustic properties of the hall give back a familiar sound, one that the musicians and much of the audience will be expecting. Here, they cannot anticipate that. There are no physical limits to the space where they are playing, yet they have to fill that space with a unique sound.

It is not only a classical music festival. We also have big names from the world of jazz – such as pianist Chick Corea – and from pop, rock and blues – for example soloist Jack …read more

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