The FBI is America’s best hope against Trump


Let’s start by acknowledging something that’s become extremely clear: If anything within Donald Trump’s government brings him down, it’s going to be the FBI.

Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey sparked not only a revolt within the organization (and a resulting cascade of leaks about the investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia); it appears to have placed the president himself under investigation for obstruction of justice.

That investigation is being led by the former FBI Director Robert Mueller. And Comey himself has worked, since his ouster, to shore up the integrity of the agency he used to run and condemn the president for trying to meddle in it.

Trump’s attorney general had to recuse himself from the Russia investigation because of his own Russia ties. His deputy attorney general was forced under pressure to appoint a special counsel to lead the investigation, and now, facing questions about his own role in Comey’s firing, might recuse himself as well. But the FBI continues to chug along.

It might seem ironic, if you know the bureau’s history, that the FBI is being cast as a bunch of defenders of the American republic. But it shouldn’t.

The very things that make the FBI, or organizations like it, troublesome or even dangerous under better circumstances and better presidents are the things that make it best equipped to resist abuses of power. The FBI might take down President Trump; it’s inevitable that they would be the ones to do it.

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