Roadshow: That rocky road is going to be fixed — in two years

Q: My husband maintains that you can only be considered a “professional” commuter if you have to navigate the potholes on Zanker Road between Montague Expressway and Old Bayshore everyday (as in don’t try this yourself; professionals only). I drive it, too, and I agree! Any relief in sight?

Gloria Finkelstein

San Jose

A: Oh, yes, here and across the state. Zanker between Old Bayshore Highway and Innovation Drive is due to be repaved in 2019.

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Billions have been approved to fix our rough streets through the coming gas tax hike, the passage of countywide sales taxes and shifting money from the general fund in cities like San Jose.

But if you encounter some individual potholes as opposed to a rocky surface, contact San Jose’s dispatch and the city will send a crew to fill them within 24 hours. Call 408-794-1900 weekdays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. or 408-277-8956 at other times, including weekends/holidays.

Q: I don’t know who makes these decisions, but they don’t seem to make any sense. They did a wonderful job on Santa Teresa Boulevard a few years ago but stopped at Dunn Avenue. They never finished the paving job.

But, now they look like they are going to work between Cottle Road and Bernal Avenue. What …read more

Source:: The Mercury News

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