Purdy: Why would any team go to the White House, ever?

So last week, I was watching the the Warriors’ victory party — specifically, the parade and fan celebration in Oakland — and I noticed something.

As the hoo-ha unfolded, there were politicians on hand. A couple of mayors. Council members. County supervisors. Might have been some dogcatchers, as far as I know. They flocked to be alongside the new NBA champions.

In other words, the Warriors didn’t need to go see them. The politicians went to see the Warriors.

So why is it different when it comes to the president and the White House?

As of this writing, President Donald Trump has not invited the Warriors to visit him. But even before the players had lit up their championship cigars, a phony story popped up that they’d rejected the invitation. Warriors’ management quickly issued a statement saying that the team would make up its mind when the time came. But in the past, coach Steve Kerr has criticized the president and Steph Curry has said he wouldn’t go to the White House with Trump there.

Opinions on the issue were all over the map and very strident. Washington Post columnist Sally Jenkins weighed in with the opinion that the Warriors should go and shake hands with the president as almost “a revolutionary act” of rapproachment in today’s world. A story in Forbes Magazine speculated that a Warriors’ snub of Trump might affect players’ endorsements or team sponsorships.

My question is far more basic: Why would any team in any sport go to the White House to see any president, ever?

This has nothing to do with politics or parties or even personalities, although I know that’s difficult to conceive in this day and age. This is about being judicious and practical and . . . not so contrived.

I have never been to a White …read more

Source:: The Mercury News

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