Laughter Is The Best Medicine, Even Amidst A Family Feud

I was at a family BBQ last weekend when two of my siblings got into an argument. It was loud and reminded me of my house circa 1995 (the peak of our teenage years). I couldn’t help but wonder whether my upcoming wedding would end up resembling a WWE match.

The drama sent my mom into a tailspin. Nobody likes to see their children fighting.

I wondered if it was good timing or bad that my mom and I had planned a 30-hour getaway to Ste Anne’s Spa. Would she be too upset to enjoy herself or would the break from reality cheer her up? If there’s anything that makes me happy, it’s when everyone I love is happy, too.

I asked my mom if she wanted to postpone our trip. It was a relief that she still wanted to go. I had been looking forward to our girls trip and hoped the timing would work out okay after all.

When I really thought about it, going to Ste. Anne’s in the aftermath of a family dispute seemed like a rather ironic coincidence. Twenty years ago when my three siblings and I lived at home, my parents went to Ste Anne’s Spa for an overnight stay. In the middle of their trip they got a call from my brother: “Come home: we’re all fighting.”

My parents rushed home to sort us out. By the time they arrived, all was calm; they could have stayed and enjoyed themselves after all. That night, I felt sick with guilt. If only we could have gotten along, if only we’d behaved for another few hours, our parents could have taken their much-needed break. I’ve been determined ever since to make up for it.

Now was my chance, only now there was fighting again.

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Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada

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