I tried Blue Apron and saw why the company will be a smash success

Blue Apron

I tried my first meal kit through Blue Apron in August 2014, and it was life-changing.

Meal kits — or deliveries that contain groceries and accompanying recipes — can get a bad rap. One of the biggest complaints from first-time users that I often hear is that they require too much work. (This is partially due to the widespread misunderstanding that the service targets “lazy” consumers).

Some critics also complain about the excessive packaging, since many of the ingredients are individually wrapped.

About 100 companies are now offering meal kits, but analysts are still unsure as to whether they are a passing fad.

Blue Apron is the biggest meal-kit service in the US, but it has been losing money. While the company’s revenue more than doubled to $795.4 million last year, it posted a net loss of $54.9 million.

The company has shipped 159 million meals since its inception in 2012. The company said Monday it expects its upcoming initial public offering to be priced at $15 to $17 per share, giving it a valuation as high as $3.18 billion.

After three years and hundreds of meals of cooking with Blue Apron, I wholeheartedly disagree with all the critics. I think meal kits are permanently changing how we eat and buy food, and I don’t think they are ever going to go away. (Before I explain why, let me clarify that I was not paid to write this review. I have never received free food from Blue Apron and I have no affiliation with the company whatsoever.)

Before Blue Apron, I thought I knew how to cook. This was because I mainly stuck to simple recipes like casserole dishes and I often used a crock pot, which requires no cooking skills.

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Source:: Business Insider

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