How to stop a cat’s nighttime howls

DEAR READERS: While I’m on vacation this week, I’m doing some housekeeping on my inbox and running letters that relate to some past columns. Today, I’ve got some advice from readers for the woman whose cat was howling through the night, disrupting everyone’s sleep.

DEAR JOAN: The woman could try making a video of herself talking or of everyday household noises, or try a video made for cat entertainment — yes, they are available commercially featuring birds, fish, whatever might speak to the cat — played in a loop in a room other than her bedroom. The videos might distract him enough to allow her uninterrupted sleep.

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There are behavioral specialist veterinarians who might help if nothing she tries works.

Colette O’Keeffe, Concord

DEAR COLETTE: That’s an interesting idea.

DEAR JOAN: How about making a sitting or laying station at one of the apartment windows?

Either buy a used piece of furniture or create one that not only reaches the window, but is a comfortable place where the cat can rest and sleep if he needs to.

Indoor-only cats can and do get bored, and they love to observe things so a viewing window that’s comfortable should do the trick. Don’t forget to leave the blinds or curtains open 6 to 10 …read more

Source:: The Mercury News

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