How 60-minute matches could make football last longer

Referee checks his watch


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Referee checks his watch

New proposals would mean more actual playing time and less time-wasting

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Monday, June 19, 2017 – 2:38pm

Reducing the length of football matches to 60 minutes is one of several “radical” ideas currently being considered in an effort to increase the sport’s popularity.

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The idea appears in a new strategy document presented to the International Football Association Board (Ifab).

The Play Fair report has three aims, reports The Guardian: “To improve player behaviour and increase respect, to increase playing time and to increase fairness and attractiveness.”

Among the ideas that are up for discussion are:

Allowing players to pass to themselves from free kicks.
Scrapping the rule that says goal kicks must leave the penalty area.
Allowing free kicks to be taken with a moving ball.
Awarding penalty goals for handballs on the line.
Only finishing the game when the ball is in touch.
Docking points …read more

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