Dozens of activists are driving across the country to attend a Republican Senator’s coffee date

Activists across the country are taking extraordinary measures to try to force Republican lawmakers to face them.

Not a single Senate Republican has scheduled a town hall ahead of the party’s self-imposed July 4 deadline to pass its secret health care bill, short-circuiting one of the traditional ways the public can comment on or criticize pending legislation.

In Ohio, a chapter of Indivisible, an anti-Trump resistance group, will bus dozens of people to Washington, DC, on Tuesday. On Wednesday, they will show up at a weekly “constituent coffee” that Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH), a crucial vote on health care, holds in the Capitol for out-of-state visitors.

Portman’s coffee meetings are usually quiet, uncontroversial affairs attended by business groups or curious tourists, but Neiman sees it as a rare opportunity for activists to tell the Senator not to vote for Republicans’ health care bill.

“We’ll be in his public space, making a demand, and he’ll be stuck with us,” Neiman said. “He’ll either have to say, ‘No I’m not going to sit down to talk to constituents who took off work to bus from Ohio,’ or he’ll have to answer the hard questions about this bill.”

Portman spokesperson Kevin Smith said the activists are invited to show up and that the Senator’s staffers have met more than 75 times with Indivisible activists since the beginning of the year. “All Ohioans are welcome to attend, even partisan Democrats, left-wing activists, and staffers for the Ohio Democratic Party,” Smith said in an email.

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