Brexit ‘divorce’ bill: What do we really owe Brussels?

Critics argue the UK has already paid its share to the EU, but leaving the bloc isn’t as simple as just walking away

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Monday, June 19, 2017 – 1:42pm

During what became one of the more memorable moments of the otherwise forgettable election leaders’ debates, Paul Nuttall ridiculed the UK’s supposed Brexit “divorce bill”.

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Ukip’s former leader said that after making £183bn in net contributions to the EU since 1973, London should pay nothing more.

He was immediately slapped down by Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood, who asked if he would refuse to “pay his dues” in a real divorce.

Her withering: “We all know blokes like you” was the stand-out moment of the 90-minute show.

However, Nuttall’s view is shared by many – including, if a leaked discussion during a dinner with Jean-Claude Juncker in late April is to be believed, our own Prime Minister.

So, what is this Brexit divorce bill and why have our past payments not already covered it?

Ongoing liabilities

Basically, Britain’s membership fees over the past four decades have gone on financing the EU and its projects, including some future plans to which we have already committed to contributing.

There are also a few other liabilities incurred during the UK’s membership that will need to be funded.

The Institute for Government and the Financial Times define four areas that add up to make …read more

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