‘The discussion about picture quality will become obsolete’, claims Samsung VP

Who cares about picture quality? Soon, nobody, according to Samsung, which has announced more details of its forthcoming Frame TVs.

Describing its quantum dot tech as a “huge leap forward” at the IFA Grand Press Conference in Lisbon today, Michael Zoller, Vice President, Head of Visual Display Europe at Samsung, then delivered a modest claim about the company’s QLED-branded LCD TVs.

“QLED with quantum dot and 4K HDR content is delivering the greatest picture quality and experience you will ever have on any TV,” he said. “But I won’t dwell further on picture quality because we believe that with the launch of QLED the discussion about picture quality will become obsolete.”

“Don’t misunderstand; of course we know that picture quality is very important and is the foundation of the TV, but we have now reached a level where the improvement will become less and less visible.”

Samsung’s Frame TVs will be sold in 55-inch and 65-inch sizes

Initial reviews of Samsung’s QLED TVS – such as the 65-inch Samsung QE65Q9FAM/QN65Q9FAM – are positive, though Zoller’s presentation at the event was followed by data from GfK that suggested that OLED TVs are doing well compared to these big screen LCDTVs.

“Up until now the industry has been driven by bigger TVs, but something very interesting is happening,” said Paul Gray, Principal Analyst at IHS Technology. “OLED TV prices are the same as a premium LCD TV that’s 10 inches bigger … it’s becoming a compelling option to go for an OLED rather than a bigger LCD.”

For instance, said Gray, 65-inch OLED TVs out-sell 75-inch LCD TVs despite prices being the same. OLED tech is being embraced every TV brand bar Samsung in 2017.

Samsung’s claims about picture quality’s demise as a reason for choosing a TV were followed by an announcement that its Frame TVs, …read more

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