Speeding fines: What’s changing in next week’s revamp?

Speeding fines 2017


New speeding fines come into effect on 24 April


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Speeding fines 2017

New percentage-based penalty system could see speeding fines soar

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Friday, April 21, 2017 – 2:06pm

A revamped system for speeding fines will come into effect for British drivers on Monday, introducing more severe penalties for drivers who are caught breaking the speed limit.

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Under the current system, the minimum penalty for speeding drivers is three points on their licence and a fine of £100; for more serious offences, the fine stands at £1,000. For young drivers and severe offenders, there’s also the chance of the authorities handing out a driving ban.

Next week, however, a new system will be introduced that could see drivers pay substantially more as fines will be calculated as a percentage of the offender’s weekly income. …read more

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