Nationally recognized architect aims to turn farmer’s field into vibrant urban plaza

It could be a bit of a magic trick for architects aiming to create a vibrant, urban plaza on the very western suburban fringe of Edmonton.

Parking lots would be pushed to each side, a cafe and shops would spill out into the square and space for market vendors would line the main entrance to the Lewis Farms Recreation Centre. The plan is heading to city council’s community services committee meeting Friday for design approval.

“It’s the idea to create an urban park,” Gilles Saucier, lead designer with the Montreal-based firm Saucier + Perrotte, said Thursday. The architecture firm is ranked among the top in Canada. He designed it with local firm Architecture Tkalcic Bengert, now part of Stantec.

“We want to avoid the idea of a big building surrounded by parking lots,” added architect Trevor Davis, who worked with Saucier on the design. The recreation centre should eventually have bus service to the plaza.

UPLOADED BY: Elise Stolte ::: EMAIL: estolte:: PHONE: 780-411-1111 ::: CREDIT: Saucier + Perrotte, ATB ::: CAPTION: The Montreal-based architecture firm Saucier + Perrotte designed Edmonton’s Lewis Farms Recreation Centre with local firm Architecture Tkalcic Bengert.

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This angle shows the berm and green roof hiding much of the aquatic centre on the left.

The building would look like a giant circle — 140 metres across and 21 metres high. Must of the rest of the facility would be hidden by a berm and green roof, making it look like it’s underground but still allowing natural light for the Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Project inspiration

The idea for the circle comes from a Cree medicine wheel and the irrigation circles common in southern Alberta. Saucier carried the circle theme further with a round picnic site …read more

Source:: Edmonton Journal

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