Los Angeles Sports Radio Has Nothing to Talk About Right Now, Debates Whether They Would Even Want LeBron

Los Angeles has absolutely nothing going on in its collective sports life right now. It’s actually kind of sad.

UCLA is in between Ball brothers.

The Angels are 7-10 and I’m not 100% certain they actually play in Los Angeles.

The Dodgers are 8-8, but its still April and they play baseball.

The Lakers are waiting to see if they keep their lottery pick.

The Chargers and Rams are preparing for the draft and neither of those teams were in Los Angeles two years ago anyway.

The Clippers are in the playoffs, but they’ve never been good enough to truly attract a bandwagon.

So what the hell are Los Angeles sports talk people supposed to be talking about right now? How about the prospects of LeBron James signing in Los Angeles… in 2 years?

POLL: Would Laker fans accept LeBron when his deal is up in 2 years? @keyshawn says, no.

— ESPNLosAngeles (@ESPNLosAngeles) April 21, 2017

First of all, LeBron can and will opt out of his contract this summer. It’s what he does. So if you’re going to talk about LeBron coming to L.A., why not talk about it being next season? Look at all the attractive young players you’ve got to put around him! Remember Mozgov? LeBron loves Mozgov!

The Lakers haven’t been to the playoffs since 2013, won a playoff series since 2012, or won a title since 2010. Can you imagine not wanting LeBron James on your team? Some people in Los Angeles – including Keyshawn Johnson? – would apparently not want him. This is just some weird sports talking. Let’s hope Yasiel Puig does something soon so they have some real things to argue about.

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